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Greg is a wet sifting supervisor at the Shiloh Excavations. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Greg is a product of the city's Public School System. He spent his freshman college year in Oslo, Norway and then finished his undergraduate degree in English Literature at Wagner College in Richmond, New York. After two years in the Navy, Greg went back to school and received his certification in engineering. Greg spent the next twenty years working as an engineer at high-tech companies including Nicolet, Wavetek, Rockland, and Physical Acoustics. In 1990, Greg decided to get into education. After getting his teaching certification and a Masters in Communication from the State University of New York, Greg taught high school for six years and then was asked to become the Director of the Media Center at SUNY New Paltz. Greg retired from SUNY in 2003 and moved to Bend, OR to be with his immediate family. Since then, Greg has become involved in Apologetics ( and now spends most of his time writing, taking photographs, producing videos for this subject. Greg also teaches part time at the Central Oregon Community College (Islam, archaeology, and visual arts). Greg travels every year to volunteer at various archaeological sites in Israel, including: the Temple Mount (Wet Sifting), Hazor, Gezer, 'Ir David, Khirbet Qeiyafa, and Khirbet el-Maqatir. He has also traveled and studied in Egypt, Morocco, Andalusian Spain, and Jordan. Greg has published a number of articles including "Parables from the Arab House (Teibeh)", "Is the Temple Mount Really Jewish", and "Pilgrimage to the Holy Land." His photograph of the Merneptah Stele was featured in the 2016 publication, "Pharaoh in Canaan" by the Israel Museum. Greg serves the ministry of ABR by editing videos for YouTube and promoting ABR at Christian conferences. He has been an ABR Associate since April, 2011.

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