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  • Egyptian Domination of Canaan during Joshua/Judges

    to as such by the Egyptians, but there were many others in this social class. So the large numbers of Apiru captured by Amenhotep II, probably to replace the escaped Israelites, could have been comprised of Apiru from Canaan and possibly some Israelites...
  • Mummy Cache Found in the Valley of the Kings

    such as 'Prince' and 'Princess' distinguish the buried as members of the families of the two pharaohs Thutmosis IV and Amenhotep III who are also buried in the Valley of Kings. Both pharaohs belonged to the 18th dynasty (New Kingdom) and ruled in the...
  • Joseph in Egypt: Part II

    BC). we have information on the duties of the steward (Aling: 35-36). Under Mery, the High Priest of the god Amon for King Amenhotep II, a man named Djehuty served as steward. Two of his subsidiary titles were 'Scribe of Offerings' and 'Chief of...
  • Historical Synchronisms and the Date of the Exodus

    occurred: the so-called Early Date, which places the Exodus in the mid-15th century BC, most probably during the reign of Amenhotep II, and the so-called Late Date, which posits Rameses II (ca. 1279-1212 BC) as the Pharaoh confronted by Moses. Much has...
  • Extra-Biblical Evidence for the Conquest

    Görg maintains, based on the spellings, that the names were copied from an even earlier name list from around the time of Amenhotep II, who ruled ca. 1453-1419 or 1427-1401 BC, depending upon which Egyptian chronology one uses. This is earth-shattering...
  • The Royal Precinct at Rameses

    scarabs were found here, covering the period of the early 18th Dynasty from its founder, Ahmosis (ca. 1570–1546 BC), to Amenhotep II (ca. 1453–1419 BC) (Bietak 1996: 72; Bietak, Dorner and Jánosi 2001: 37). Southwest of Palace F were storage rooms and...

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