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  • Amenhotep II and the Historicity of the Exodus Pharaoh

    II reaped. "A record of the plunder that his majesty carried off: 127 princes of Retenu; 179 brothers of princes; 3,600 Apiru; 15,200 Shasu; 36,300 Kharu; 15,070 Nagasuites/Neges; 30,652 of their family members; total: 89,600 people, and their endless...
  • Apiru
  • Egyptian Domination of Canaan during Joshua/Judges

    both Joshua and Judges 1, were the lowlands, the areas occupied by the Egyptians. I also find the equation Hebrew = Habiru/Apiru really attractive,and I think they could be the Israelites during the period of judges (and perhaps also Joshua, although...
  • Tyre and the Tell El-Amarna Tablets

    Another problem for Abimilki may also have involved the SA GAZ people (EA 146.22; see also 148.43, 45). The SA GAZ, or Apiru as called by the king of Jerusalem (EA 286:19, 56; 287:31; 288:37, 44; 289:24), were viewed by Abimilki as rebels fighting...
  • David Rohl's Revised Egyptian Chronology: A View From Palestine

    a late date for the Conquest when discussing the Amarna Letters (200). He raises the issue that if the references to the Apiru in the letters (mid-14th century B.C. by conventional chronology) are to the Hebrews, something is wrong with conventional...
  • The Dating of Hazor's Destruction in Joshua 11 Via Biblical, Archaeological, and Epigraphical Evidence

    90. Bienkowski, "Role of Hazor," 54. 91. Hoffmeier unwisely criticizes Wood for associating the apiru with the Hebrews of the 14th century BC, asserting that Hazor was thriving during this period and does not sound like a city that just had been...
  • New Find: Jerusalem's Oldest Hebrew Inscription

    a deity that probably is the Semitic equivalent of Shesmu, a Memphite deity regarded as patron of the winepress. The Asiatic Apiru were the chief vintners in the Nile Delta during the Late Bronze Age (William Foxwell Albright, The Proto-Sinaitic...

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