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  • Setting the Record Straight on the Primeval Chronology of the Septuagint (Part 4)

    from a Hebrew text of the OT in the 1 st century AD. The reader can decide for himself which is the “just-so-story.” 4. Augustine’s Renegade Scribe Theory In my ARJ article, “Methuselah’s Begetting Age,” I believe that it has been amply demonstrated...
  • The Red Sea in the NT

    (sea of reeds) was used of the place of crossing of the Israelites. The Church in the “Reed Sea”/“Red Sea” Debate When Augustine sought to explain the differences that arose in translation between the LXX and the Hebrew scriptures, he asserted that the...
  • Setting the Record Straight on the Primeval Chronology of the Septuagint (Part 2)

    as a group, and not just to one particular individual, indicating that this was a commonly held view in Biruni's day. Augustine of Hippo We also have the testimony of Augustine in North Africa ( ca . AD 420), who reports that unspecified Christians of...
  • Setting the Record Straight on the Primeval Chronology of the Septuagint (Part 3)

    modern conservatives have not engaged with their arguments. ( ICC p. 119). In their response, C&C refer to Jerome, Augustine, and Bede as proponents of the MT’s timeline. First, Augustine was not a proponent of the MT’s entire primeval timeline. He...
  • Who Was Born When Enosh Was 90?: A Semantic Reevaluation of William Henry Green's Chronological Gaps

    churchmen-for example, Theophilus of Antioch (ca. 168), Julius Africanus (ca. 218), Origen (ca. 230), Eusebius (ca. 315), Augustine (ca. 354), Bede (ca. 723), and Cedrenus (ca. 1060)-did likewise. 5 Luther dated creation to 3960 BC, Melanchthon to 3963...
  • Can a Person Believe in Both God and Evolution?

    But if all of this is true, how do we explain why sincere Christian scholars, scientists, and theologians from St. Augustine to Hugh Ross to Francis Collins have opted for some form of theistic evolutionary doctrine? Author Nancy Pearcey explains:...
  • Apollos: Eloquent and Mighty In the Scriptures

    for his allegorical method of interpreting the Scriptures. This later had an influence on an Alexandrian church father, Augustine. Knowledge of the Scriptures and Personal Ministry The second question, how did his knowledge of the Scriptures affect his...
  • A Preview of the Spring 2013 Issue of Bible and Spade

    article entitled 'Digging for the Historical Jesus' presents the journey of a scholar and skeptic who came to faith. Like Augustine in the fifth century, Dr. Eta Linneman escaped the circular reasoning of secular academia and became a fervent advocate...

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