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  • The Documentary Hypothesis

    and looking toward new models for explaining the Pentateuch. This article was published in the Spring 1993 issue of Bible and Spade. The History and Salient Points of the Documentary Hypothesis The Documentary Hypothesis began when Jean Astruc...
  • Death Before Adam?

    there is simply no room for evolutionary thinking... This article was first published in the Spring 2000 issue of Bible and Spade. Despite all attempts to do so, there is no way to reconcile evolution and the Biblical account of Creation. Examining the...
  • Report on the 'International and Judi Mountain Symposium'

    to your family and friends. Bibliography Crouse, Bill; and Franz, Gordon 2006 Mount Cudi – True Mountain of Noah’s Ark. Bible and Spade 19/4: 99-113. (View PDF). For Further Research: Review of "The Unsolved Mystery of Noah's Ark" by Gordon Franz and...
  • Old Testament King Discovered?

    Philistines...? Is there any evidence that a long-lost kingdom of Philistines existed in North Syria? As the readers of Bible and Spade know, excavations at Tell Ta‘yinat have produced a growing body of material—Mycenaean pottery, loomweights, possible...
  • Ms. Abigail Leavitt

    in in the Near Eastern Archaeology Society Bulletin, and ‘The Mystery of the Headless Statue’ was published in Bible and Spade magazine. Abigail has also co-authored an online article entitled ‘ABR Researches Jerusalem Tombs for the Shroud of Turin...
  • Mrs. Suzanne Lattimer

    sings in the church choir, and tackles home projects that seem to never end. She has written articles for children in Bible and Spade , and has spoken to many children and adult Sunday School classes about the importance of archaeology.
  • Digging Joshua's Ai and Searching for Jesus' Ephraim

    remained with His disciples.” Dr. Stripling's article making this identification appeared in the Fall 2014 issue of Bible and Spade . Click here to read a copy of this article entitled "Have We Walked in the Footsteps of Jesus? Exciting New...
  • Nahum and Nineveh

    publishes an excellent book by T. C. Mitchell entitled The Bible in the British Museum. ABR devoted a whole issue of Bible and Spade. to some of the Biblical objects in this museum (Vol. 13, No. 2, Spring 2000). A friend of mine, Dr. Carl Laney, advised...
  • Genesis and Ancient Near Eastern Stories of Creation and Flood: Part IV

    of Genesis 1–11 as a whole... This article was first published in a 4 part series, starting in the Winter 1996 issue of Bible and Spade. Literary Theme. Many suggestions for a unifying theme of Genesis 1-11 as a whole [rather than of P or J, as proposed...
  • A Brief Report from the 2010 NEAS Conference

    on topics such as the Pool of Siloam, Jericho, Noah's Ark, and several more. Through these handouts and copies of the Bible and Spade publication we were able to share the importance of Biblical archaeology with professors, pastors, and students from...
  • Dr. Mark Jenkins

    Schools of Oriental Research, and the Society for Biblical Literature. He has also recently published an article in Bible and Spade entitled “Iron Age Silos and the Story of Gideon.” Mark has participated at excavations at Tell Malhata and El-Araj, and...
  • Mr. Michael Luddeni

    of pictures for the ABR ministry, volunteering as the photo and graphics editor for ABR's flagship publication, Bible and Spade magazine.
  • Maqatir Monastery Money

    stories. Maybe you can be the volunteer who finds the next one! Notes 1See Wood, Bryant G, Three Coins from a Mountain. Bible and Spade 11.4: 86-90. 2Other early references can be found in the following sources: Josephus (Antiquities, Books 18:3:3),...
  • Suzanne Lattimer

    Mountains with the National Park Service, and interned at the ABR office. She has written articles for children in Bible and Spade , and has spoken to many children and adult Sunday School classes about the importance of archaeology. Suzanne has been an...
  • The Patriarch Job, Chalcolithic Ossuary Jars, and the Resurrection of the Body

    vain in the Lord' (15:58). Bibliography Crew, Bruce 2002 Did Edom's Original Territories Extend West of 'Wadi Arabah? Bible and Spade 15/1: 2-10. Nativ, Assaf 2008 A Note on Chalcolithic OssuaryJars: A Metaphor for Metamorphosis. Tel Aviv 35/2: 209-214.
  • Whom Do You Receive?

    from the Father. To Yahweh be the glory, forever and ever! This article was first published in the Summer 2014 issue of Bible and Spade . [1] One of the most hideous examples of this distortion is God and the Gay Christian , by Matthew Vines. For a...
  • Tyre and the Tell El-Amarna Tablets

    initial assault on Canaan, according to Biblical chronology. This article was published in the Fall 2002 issue of Bible and Spade. Tyre's significance in the 14th century BC can be seen in the Amarna Letters. These cuneiform-inscribed clay tablets found...
  • Seal of Jezebel Identified

    She mounted a campaign to kill the Lord's prophets... This article was first published in the Spring 2008 issue of Bible and Spade. Jezebel was no doubt the wickedest woman in the Bible. In the book of Revelation her name was invoked in condemning a...
  • ABR Travelers Return from The Temple Mount Sifting Project and Jerusalem Field Studies Tour

    their comments below. Please prayerfully consider joining ABR for the next TMSP in January 2010. Read the Winter 2009 Bible and Spade, dedicated to the 2008 Temple Mount Sifting Project. Winter_2009_Bible_and_Spade.pdf The following links will provide...
  • ABR Celebrates ONE MILLIONTH Web Visitor!

    previously. Our new site has also given ABR the ability to expand our product offerings to our visitors, better promote Bible and Spade magazine and our research, and ultimately, reach many more people around the world with the message that the Bible is...

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