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  • Confessions of an Armchair Archaeologist

    with ABR. How do you know if volunteer archaeology is for you? Take this quiz to help you decide: - The latest issue of Bible and Spade arrives. You resist opening it until bedtime so you can read it undisturbed. #Contentment - Raiders of theLost Ark is...
  • The Red Sea in the NT

    suph1 is “reeds”; together, they mean “Sea of Reeds.” This article was first published in the Winter 2008 issue of Bible and Spade. Israel Crossed the Reed Sea (Yam Suph) In the OT, the yam suph was a definite location, and a large one. There God...
  • Locating Biblical Bethel

    Finding Ai has been a major focus of ABR's research work... This article was published in the Winter 2011 issue of Bible and Spade. Most scholars today locate Old Testament Bethel at the Arab village of Beitin about 11 mi north of Jerusalem. An...
  • Spring-Summer Specials in the ABR Bookstore

    the Temple $18.99 $21.99 The Global Flood: NEW! $74.99 $84.99 From Abraham to Paul: A Biblical Chronology 136 Issues of Bible and Spade on CD $99.99 $109.99 $7.99 $11.99 Atheism Remix $7.99 $11.99 Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church $7.99...
  • Tanit in the Mirror: The Worship of Self and the Slaughter of Children

    culture into a deadening personal autonomy that makes monsters out of every day citizens. The Winter 2012 issue of Bible and Spade presents a number of powerful articles that address the issue of child-sacrifice in the ancient day, focusing primarily on...
  • Greatest Fish Stories Ever Told

    the souls of human beings. References Franz, Gordon 1997 'Does Your Teacher Not Pay the [Temple] Tax?' (Mt 17:24-27). Bible and Spade Nun, Mendel 1989 The Sea of Galilee and Its Fishermen in the New Testament. Kibbutz Ein Gev: Kinnereth Sailing. 1993...
  • The Landing-Place of Noah's Ark: Testimonial, Geological and Historical Considerations: Part Four

    Nicholas' information is important must be given first. Crouse and Franz went into great detail in a recent issue of Bible and Spade magazine (vol. 19 no. 4, Fall 2006, pp. 99-111) about how historical records indicate Mt. Ararat was never known as the...
  • The Army of the Kings of Ur

    (For further background information on Abraham, see Stephen Caesar, 'The Wealth and Power of the Biblical Patriarchs,' Bible and Spade 19 [2006], pp. 1-13.)
  • A Tribute to David Livingston

    giving insight into the man who began this ministry... This article was first published in the Summer 2009 issue of Bible and Spade. On May 26, 2005, ABR held its annual banquet at Calvary Church, Lancaster, PA. This night had a special focus honoring...
  • Meat Offered to Idols' in Pergamum and Thyatira

    the letters to the churches at Pergamum and Thyatira. This article was originally published in the Fall 2001 issue of Bible and Spade. In 1986, Colin Hemer first published his book The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia in Their Local Setting. He did...
  • Rick Lanser

    grown, he has moved more into work with publications and research matters, and presently serves as Executive Editor of Bible and Spade magazine. His major area of research deals with the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis, particularly the...
  • In Honor of Dr. David Livingston

    and Gezer. He has conducted more than 25 tours in Israel, Jordan and Egypt. David served six years as editor of Bible and Spade, and 20 years as the editor of the ABRNewsletter. His wife Esther reside in Lititz, PA. Read articles by Dr. David Livingston.
  • Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries of 2012

    Each year several dozen institutional archaeological excavations and multiple more salvage excavations take place in the lands of the Bible. Some excavations draw attention because of the exciting dimensions of their discoveries. Many more compile...
  • Secular 'Ethicists' Endorse After-Birth Abortion: Another Version of Modern Day Child Sacrifice

    21 Lex Talionis and the Human Fetus Abortion and the Ancient Practice of Child Sacrifice The Winter 2012 Issue of Bible and Spade Footnotes: Editor's note: This article was available online when this article was posted, but has apparently been removed...
  • 2014 Excavations at Kh. el-Maqatir: A Proposed New Location for Ai and Ephraim

    to the Euphrates. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 178-81. Stripling, D. Scott 2014 Have We Walked in the Footsteps of Jesus? Bible and Spade 27: 88-94. Available at...
  • WBPH TV 60 Interview with ABR's Henry Smith 2

    TV-60 on March 29, 2010. Subjects of this interview include: Easter and the Resurrection, the Nazareth Inscription, and Bible and Spade magazine.
  • Jesus Celebrates Hanukkah!

    on the altar in the Temple and proclaiming himself to be a god... This article was published in the Fall 2007 issue of Bible and Spade. Two friends of mine, believers in the Lord Jesus living in Israel, shared with me their excitement over the impending...
  • The Imperial Cult and the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus

    Franz, Gordon 2006 Propaganda, Power and the Perversion of Biblical Truths: Coins Illustrating the Book of Revelation. Bible and Spade 19/3: 73-87. Kreitzer, Larry 1990 Apotheosis of the Roman Emperor. Biblical Archaeologist 53/4: 210-217. Mattingly,...
  • Resurrection: Reason to Believe or Wishful Thinking?

    Are you prepared to provide them reason to believe?. This article was first published in the Spring 2001 issue of Bible and Spade. It has been slightly edited, March 2010. After the crucifixion, Jesus' corpse was probably laid in a shallow grave,...
  • Incomprehensible

    Christ, the mysterious incarnation of the Lord of Glory... This article was first published in the Fall 2007 issue of Bible and Spade. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the...

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