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  • BLOODLINE: Serious Documentary or Hollywood Hoax?

    new movie out that makes the same attempt to attack the deity of the Lord Jesus and His bodily resurrection. It is called “Bloodline,” and produced by 1244 Films (2008). The director and narrator of the movie is Bruce Burgess and the producer is Rene...
  • Fact and Fiction: Checking the Da Vinci Code History

    of Sion The Da Vinci Code asserts that a secret order, the Priory of Sion, is established solely to protect this secret bloodline of Jesus. Brown claims the Priory formed the Knights Templar, the warrior monks that are sent to Solomon's temple to...
  • bloodline
  • Of Facts and Faith II

    (nicknamed 'a' for privacy reasons), emailed ABR with the following note: I really liked your statement bout the movie bloodline. I watched it myself, found it very exciting and well made. Other than that I am not sure what to make of it, you are right...
  • Easter Readings

    that supposedly debunks the historical and bodily resurrection of the Son of God. The Da Vinci Code, the Gospel of Judas, Bloodline, The Jesus Family Tomb, liberal theologians, and even some so-called 'evangelical' scholars...on and on the list goes of...
  • Christmas Reflections

    Matthew 2:1-12 . Is there a scientific explanation for this 'Star of Wonder' that remains true to the Scriptural account? BLOODLINE: Serious Documentary or Hollywood Hoax? Incontrovertible proof to refute Christianity? The Manger and the Inn Our...
  • Responding to a Skeptic

    The BIBLE? Recently, a skeptic posted the following comment, in italics, on the ABR website about Gordon Franz's article, Bloodline. Scott Lanser responds. "but rather, believe the truth of the Word of God, the Bible" You must be joking! The BIBLE ? A...
  • Is Biblical Archaeology a 'Farce'?

    evaluating the Bible's truth-claims. Recently, a visitor to the ABR website wrote the following: I just watch (sic) Bloodline and I feel that there are several inconsistencies with their version of events, and I am skeptical of how easily the producer...
  • Refuting Contemporary Attacks on the Resurrection: Part One with Gordon Franz

    refuting many of the popular and contemporary attacks on the Resurrection of Jesus. Part One includes a discussion of Bloodline and the Da Vinci Code.
  • Thinking Clearly About the 'Jesus Family Tomb'

    the ossuary was basically unknown except to specialists. My own knowledge of it came about due to my research into Jesus bloodline mythologies, an esoteric subject until The DaVinci Code. Since I have a habit of investigating theintersection of the...
  • The Historical Basis of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code

    represents the sacred feminine and as the wife of Jesus, she herself is the Holy Grail holding and passing on his royal bloodline. Mary represents the sacred feminine found in all ancient religions that has been suppressed by the church for centuries....
  • New documentary claims Jesus married, had child

    A new movie premiered in New York City on May 9 called 'Bloodline'. It is supposed to be a serious 'documentary' about the alleged marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the children that resulted from that union. The poster for the movie had a...
  • Simcha Jacobovici and the Nails From Caiaphas' Tomb

    released his so-called “ Jesus Family Tomb .” This was a follow-up on the 1996 BBC Easter special. In 2008, the movie “ Bloodline “ was released that allegedly had the archaeological“proof” for the Da Vinci Code . Ho hum, here we go again. The media...
  • More on Simcha Jacobovici and the Nails from Caiaphas' Tomb

    released his so-called The Jesus Family Tomb, which was a follow-up on the 1996 BBC Easter special. In 2008, the movie Bloodline alleged there was archaeological “proof” for The Da Vinci Code. Ho-hum, here we go again. The media should be ashamed of...

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