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Assuming carbon is required, and 14 is required, and dating is required, the following results were found.

  • Carbon 14 Dating Controversy in the Iron Age Period

    and other sites in the ANE in the Second Millenium B.C. Dr. Wood has commented here briefly on this important subject: Carbon 14 Dating at Jericho Recommended Resource: Doesn't Carbon Dating Disprove the Bible? Other ABR articles on C-14 dating:...
  • Carbon 14 Dating at Jericho

    ABR has received multiple questions on this subject. Dr. Bryant Wood provides a brief response. Initially, a C14 date of 1410 /- 40 B.C. (done by the British Museum) was published for charcoal from the destruction level of Jericho ( Jericho V [1983],...
  • carbon 14 dating
  • Further Challenges to the Shroud of Turin Carbon 14 Dating

    A Colorado couple researching the shroud dispute radiocarbon dating of the alleged burial cloth of Jesus, and Oxford has agreed to help them reexamine the findings.,0,3478153.story...
  • Revising Radiocarbon Dating

    Carbon 14 dating is fraught with problems. Radiocarbon dating methods are frequently used in determining the ages of ancient artifacts and fossils. These methods invariably give a great age for the ancient item in question. Radiocarbon dating is based...
  • Did the walls of Jericho really fall as the Bible describes?

    of archaeology is, in fact, verified. Researching Jericho Jericho: Does the Evidence Disprove or Prove the Bible? Carbon 14 Dating at Jericho The Rise and Fall of the 13th Century Exodus-Conquest Theory The walls of Jericho Did the Israelites conquer...
  • Ancient Gospel Texts Redated

    Editorial note: Carbon 14 dating is not as infallible as this article, and most secularists assume. There are always unprovable assumptions built into dating items in the past. However, if the particular assumptions built into the dating of these MSS...
  • The Discovery of the Sin Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

    When the archaeological, geographical and epigraphic evidence is reviewed in detail, it is clear that the infamous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah have now been found. What is more, this evidence demonstrates that the Bible provides an accurate eyewitness...
  • Does 'The Lost Shipwreck of Paul' Hold Water?

    Mr. Cornuke's investigations on the island of Malta led to the conclusion that the shipwreck occurred on the eastern end of the island of Malta, rather than the traditional site at St. Paul's Bay on the northern side of the island... Book Review :...
  • Debunking 'The Exodus Decoded'

    The Exodus Decoded made its US debut August 20 on the History Channel. Produced and narrated by Simcha Jacobovici, the film purportedly provides new evidence to demonstrate the Exodus really happened. Some of Jacobovici's points are old hat... The $3.5...
  • BLOODLINE: Serious Documentary or Hollywood Hoax?

    Incontrovertible proof to refute Christianity? A former graduate student of mine, Brenda, did an undergraduate degree in journalism. She recounted a statement that was made by her professor in one of her “Journalism 101” lectures. The professor said,...
  • Some Ruminations on the Shroud of Turin

    Because the Shroud of Turin has received much public attention in the news, on television and on the Internet, it needs little introduction. However, there has not been much truly recent news about the Shroud in the popular media, so I thought it was...
  • The Lost Ark of the Covenant: Still Lost

    The Ark of the Covenant is in the news again. This time it comes from a world-renowned, truly distinguished, widely published scholar who is speaking from his field of expertise. Tudor Parfitt is professor of Jewish Studies at the School of Oriental...
  • Dating Jericho's Destruction: Bienkowski is Wrong on All Counts

    In 1990, Dr. Bryant Wood published his well known article in Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) on the destruction of Jericho and its correlation with the Biblical account. In the Sep./Oct. 1990 issue of BAR, Piotr Bienkowski wrote an article disputing...
  • The Genesis Flood: An Interpretive Key to the Past

    Excerpt For centuries, the Biblical Flood described in chapters 6–8 in the book of Genesis was considered global, cataclysmic and historical. Since the late 18th century, however, the historicity of the Flood has come under constant attack, and is now...

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