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  • The Patriarch Job, Chalcolithic Ossuary Jars, and the Resurrection of the Body

    archaeological evidence for the concept of the resurrection of the body during the period of the Patriarch Job. Chalcolithic Ossuary Jars In the standard archaeological chronology, the Chalcolithic period is dated from 6,400 to 3,600 BC (Stern...
  • CSI Hammam: The Fifth Season of Investigating a Biblical City

    Surveys and excavations suggest a general occupational footprint throughout most of this area from as far back as the Chalcolithic Period through the Middle Bronze Age (some 1,500 years). Significant later occupation on many parts of the site has also...
  • Chalcolithic
  • Date Palms: Not In My Back Yard!?!? Or, Maybe...

    excavations, we've opened 24 6x6 m (38x38 ft) squares, uncovering remains of domestic structures ranging from the Late Chalcolithic (LC) period through the Middle Bronze Age (MB). Typical of the LC and Early Bronze 1 (EB1) communities in the Holy Land,...
  • The Shiloh Excavations 2017: Season 1 Week 5

    depiction of the Second Temple. On the way home we stopped at the massive tel of Beth Shean. It was occupied from the Chalcolithic period until Byzantine period when it was destroyed by an earthquake on January 18, 749 AD. In front of the looming tel,...
  • Tall el-Hammam 2008: A Personal Perspective

    here suggests that occupation goes back well before 3,000 BC. It appears the site was continuously occupied from the Chalcolithic Period through the Middle Bronze Age. The working hypothesis of the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project is that our site is...
  • Further Considerations on the Location of Bethel at El-Bireh

    equating Beitin with ancient Bethel. Surface surveys at Ras et-Tahuneh have shown evidence of use as early as the Chalcolithic, Early Bronze and Middle Bronze periods (as well as several later periods including the Iron Age (Kochavi 1972, 178))....
  • My Israel Diary, Winter 2016

    no grave goods. From Qumran, we proceeded to En Gedi (where David spared Saul's life) to hike all the way to the famous Chalcolithic temple at the top. Along the way we passed several amazing waterfalls. The desert has a unique beauty, and the view from...
  • Megiddo, The Place of Battles

    in the Jezreel Valley” (2002: 11). Proof of this can be seen in some of the 20 occupational levels dating from the Chalcolithic to Persian periods (ca. 5000–332 BC), with evidence that they met their ends in fiery destruction (DeVries 1997: 215)....
  • Dig Diary from Khirbet el-Maqatir: Winter 2012 Part 2

    of a rock badger/coney running across your path. But at the very top of the mountain, remains of a pagan temple from the Chalcolithic period (PRE-conquest, PRE-Canaanite) can be found, as well as an incredible panoramic view of the Dead Sea and the high...
  • Copper Age Settlement Found in Jerusalem

    have discovered the oldest known remains of an ancient settlement in northeastern Jerusalem. Excavations of two Chalcolithic era (Copper Age) houses revealed complex dwelling structures, as well as pottery vessels, flint tools and a basalt bowl, which...
  • Biblical Archaeology in 2013

    of the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and the Roman Empire of the first century AD. They include prehistoric periods such as the Chalcolithic and Neolithic as well as the Byzantine, Islamic, right down to the modern Middle East. Not surprisingly, the subject...

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