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  • The Value of Archaeology in My Faith Walk

    could then see exactly what they looked like. The Bible came alive to me and I felt like it had meaning in my world. The Christmas story is a good example of how this worked for me. The Gospel of Luke (chapter 2) provides us the basics elements of the...
  • The Grand Finale at Khirbet el-Maqatir

    Photo: Abigail Leavitt Matt Lemke takes a break. Photo: Abigail Leavitt We worked four days straight, including Saturday (Christmas Eve), as the forecast showed more rain coming on Sunday. Saturday night we spent an amazing hour in worship at historic...
  • Autumn Bookstore Sale at ABR

    the Temple by Randall Price $9.99 Save $5 $14.99 Solid Ground: The Inerrant Word of God in an Errant World $17.73 $23.73 Christmas and Nativity Combo Pack $89.99 $109.99 Bible and Spade CD ROM: 136 issues 1972-2011 $11.99 $14.99 The Soul Shepherd DVD...
  • Incomprehensible

    of Yahweh in the person of Christ this holiday season. Everyone here at ABR wishes you blessings and peace during this Christmas season as you celebrate and worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. To Christ be the Glory!
  • Italian Scientists Assert Shroud of Turin is Authentic

    not possibly have been faked with technology that was available in the medieval period. The research will be an early Christmas present for shroud believers, but is likely to be greeted with scepticism by those who doubt that the sepia-coloured,...
  • Biblical Illiteracy

    doctrine among baby boomers (Cimino 1998: 2). I recently received Donald G. Barnhouse's Romans commentary for Christmas from my wife. It was published in the early 1950s. The preface provides an explanation and background for the writing of the series,...
  • Supporting the ministry of ABR

    stone and our 1,000th coin from the site in just the past two weeks. Our last excavation at the Maqatir site will be over Christmas at the end of the year. Thank you for supporting our work at these important archaeological sites! I also write to you...
  • Conferences and Speaking Engagements

    Archaeology: Old and New Testament, The Search for Noah's Ark, Joseph and Jacob in Egypt, Judges: Forgotten History, The Christmas Story: How Well Do You Know It?, Egypt and the Bible and many more. ABR is willing to speak to churches, Sunday Schools...
  • Bible and Spade Bibliographies and Endnotes

    kb) Fall 2017 BAS Science Meets the Shroud of TurinPart 1 - Endnotes for website.pdf (136.36 kb) The Archaeology of Christmas - Endnotes for website.pdf (131.67 kb) The Maqatir Ram's Head, Part 2 - Endnotes for website.pdf (131.18 kb) Summer 2017 BAS...

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