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  • Some Facts about the Scopes Monkey Trial

    to be arrested for teaching evolution. Although Scopes, a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky, certainly believed Darwin' theory, it's unclear whether he ever actually taught it in his classroom. Nevertheless, he amiably agreed to go along...
  • A Fuzzy Theology of Beginnings: Book Review

    life into existence super-naturally. That book, of course, was entitled The Origin of Species and its author was Charles Darwin. An ongoing debate has ensued over the past 150 years, with “creationists” appealing to the supernatural Biblical account and...
  • Did the BASE Institute Discover Noah's Ark in Iran?

    all the different views of geology and Noah’s Flood that were held by theologians in 1851 (eight years before Charles Darwin published Origins of Species). Hitchcock is advocating a “local” or regional Flood and not a universal world-wide Flood. He...
  • The Genesis Flood' Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

    years ago, Henry Morris and John Whitcomb joined together to write a controversial book that sparked dialogue and debate on Darwin and Jesus, science and the Bible, evolution and creation 'The Genesis Flood is as timely, thought-provoking, and helpful...
  • Calling Science's Bluff: A Review of 'The Devil's Delusion' by David Berlinsky

    Neo-Darwinists and atheists of all stripes ignore this book at their peril, particularly polemicists such as Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens and their ilk who have recently published scathing critiques of religious belief in general and Christian belief in...
  • Aptameters

    into sheer gibberish. To create a better molecule, Szostak decided to turn to the father of evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin, for inspiration: "We realized that if we were really going to have a chance to have an RNA replicase, we were going to have...
  • The Genetic On-Off Switch

    species. However, this is not trans-specific macroevolution via random mutation and consequent survival of the fittest, as Darwin had theorized. Instead, the on-off switches show all the appearance, as mentioned above, of having been pre-programmed into...
  • It Feels Like 1960!

    and release of the Whitcomb/Morris classic, The Genesis Flood. It was a much needed and overdue response to 100 years of Darwinism, which had reshaped the educational establishment and indoctrinated millions with evolutionary dogma. Since the release of...
  • Why Do We Need ABR?

    Bible has been under unmitigated assault regarding its historical reliability. The anti-God philosophies of Marx, Freud, Darwin and Wellhausen planted the seeds of destruction in Western Europe, which came to fuller fruition after World War II....
  • Guilty as Charged

    origin and shares a common evolutionary ancestry, i.e., the 'common descent' of life. In his Origin of the Species, Charles Darwin summarized this concept: 'All animals and plants are descended from some one prototype.' In other words, we and oak trees...

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