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  • 2013 Roundup of Significant New Discoveries

    Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor and Dr. Sharon Zuckerman via Bloomberg). The Ophel Inscription Now Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to David, along with cedar logs and carpenters and stonemasons, and they built a palace for David (2 Sam. 5:11). On July 10 the...
  • Dig Diary From Khirbet el-Maqatir: Winter 2012 Part 5

    Scott & Abby turn in our treasure finds to the IAA and then we have plans to meet up about noon to explore the City of I've been reading up on David again in 2 Samuel…between bonbons. Little did I know the amazing ways this day would...
  • Ancient Hebrew Inscription Dated to time of David

    of the Bible in much of contemporary academic research. Situated on the west side of the Elah Valley, the valley where David fought Goliath, Kh. Qeiyafa (also called 'The Elah Fortress') was a small but important site on the road to Jerusalem. It was a...
  • Digging for Truth Episode 26: The Kingdom of David

    Many scholars claim that King David in the Bible is either a fictitious invention or if he was real, his reign is greatly exaggerated. Archaeologist Gary Byers joins us in the studio as we survey evidence for David and his kingdom.
  • The Valley of Elah in the Days of Saul and David

    Dr. Scott Stripling describes the ruins at Khirbet Qeifaya, where King Saul and David fought in battle against the Philistines at the Elah Valley. A pottery shard with Hebrew writing was discovered here in 2008. For more on the pottery shard, see:...
  • Dr. David Graves

    David E. Graves (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen), a Canadian, is an Assistant Professor at Liberty University Online, School of Religion in Lynchburg VA where he teaches Archaeology and NT since 2009. He is a field supervisor with the Tall el-Hammam...
  • The So-Called Jesus Family Tomb 'Rediscovered' in Jerusalem

    fact, there were over thirty prophecies that were fulfilled during the last day of the earthly life of the Lord Jesus. King David was also a prophet (Acts 2:30). Nearly a thousand years before the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus, David gave a vivid...
  • New Find: Jerusalem's Oldest Hebrew Inscription

    During the 2012 excavations at the Ophel in Jerusalem, which is located between the Temple Mount and the City of David, Archaeologist Eilat Mazar's team discovered a large building that dates roughly to the early Iron IIA Age (1000-900 BC). One of the...
  • Megiddo, The Place of Battles

    1993: 1005). Since 1992, and every other year since, excavations have been done under the direction of Israel Finkelstein, David Ussishkin and Baruch Halpern, and under the auspices of Tel Aviv University and ThePennsylvania State University. Their work...
  • Digging For Truth: Episode Two-King David: Man or Myth?

    Join us for Episode Two as we discuss the historicity of King David.
  • Bethlehem' Seal Uncovered in the City of David

    Jerusalem. While sifting soil from archaeological excavations the Israel Antiquities Authority is conducting in the City of David, in the 'Walls around Jerusalem National Park', a bulla was discovered bearing the name of the city of Bethlehem, written...
  • Calling Science's Bluff: A Review of 'The Devil's Delusion' by David Berlinsky

    defense of theistic belief they could do far worse than The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions by David Berlinsky (Crown Forum, 20081 ). Berlinsky, a Ph.D. (Princeton) and professor of mathematics and philosophy who has authored...
  • David and Goliath' City Found in Israel?

    gate have pinpointed the location of the biblical city Sha'arayim, say archaeologists working in Israel. In the Bible young David is described as battling Goliath in the Elah Valley near Sha'arayim. The fortified gate at the Elah Fortress-the second to...
  • Digging for Truth Audio Series: Archaeological Evidence for King David

    scripture and history. In this episode of Digging for Truth, hear Bryan Windle discuss archaeological evidence for King David. Posted with permission from Hope Stream Radio and Bryan Windle. dft-001-bew-ArchaeologicalEvidenceforKingDavid.mp3
  • The Benefit of the Doubt

    of the 'benefit of the doubt' is often applied to some written texts, but with a double standard when it comes to King David and the Bible. Although I come from a Protestant faith tradition, I have always been interested in the Apocrypha, especially 1...
  • The Ark of the Covenant

    location of the First Temple is, of course, closely related to the threshing floor of Araunah, the Jebusite King, of whom David bought it to build an altar to the Yahweh his God (1K. 24. 18-25). It is generally believed to have been built in the same...
  • The Death of Biblical Minimalism

    of the United Monarchy. For biblical minimalists, the United Monarchy is very nearly a fiction. They believe that if David and Solomon existed, they were nothing more than petty chieftains. Hoffmeier summarizes the minimalist position this way: '[I]f...
  • Who Is Immanuel?

    helpful, but what does that last phrase 'surely you shall not be established' mean? The answer to that question lies in the Davidic Covenant. The phrase 'shall not be established' refers back to this covenant recorded in 2 Samuel 7 and 1 Chronicles 17....
  • The Old Testament and the Ancient Near East: Profits and Losses

    is mentioned in the inscription but Israel as a whole (including Judah) is referred to by the scribe of the textas "House of David" (bytdwd).7 This confirms not only the existence of a historical David, but also his importance more than a century after...
  • Shechem: Its Archaeological and Contextual Significance

    BC). Shechem in the Time of the Divided Monarchy The Bible sheds little light on Shechem’s role during the reigns of Saul, David or Solomon. Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, was next in line for the throne. All the Israelites assembled at Shechem to anoint...

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