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  • The King and I: The Apostle John and Emperor Domitian, Part 1

    Emperor Domitian, the self-proclaimed 'Lord and God' and ruthless dictator, reigned from AD 81 to 96. He was the son of Emperor Vespasian and the brother of Titus, the conquerors of Jerusalem in AD 70. Late in life, Domitian become very superstitious....
  • domitian
  • The Imperial Cult and the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus

    to ashes in an urn! The Roman Senate, however, did deify him. Vespasian's two sons, Titus (reigned from AD 79-81) and Domitian (reigned from AD 81-96), were very much into the imperial cult. When Titus died, his brother Domitian constructed an arch in...
  • The Arch of Titus and the Olive Tree of Romans 11

    saved.' Introduction During the last two decades of the first century AD, Rome was in the grip of the self-deified Emperor Domitian. Imagine a small group of believers in the Lord Jesus walking past the Coliseum in Rome and turning westward toward the...
  • How Beautiful are the Feet on the Via Egnatia

    traffic” (Xeidakis and Varagouli 1997: 123). The Roman poet Statius (AD 48–96) wrote a poem about a road built by Emperor Domitian between Rome and Naples in AD 95. The poem described the road-making of the Via Domitian and it reflected what is known...
  • The King and I: Exiled To Patmos, Part 2

    The length of John’s exile on Patmos differs from tradition to tradition. Most likely it lasted only 18 months, and upon Domitian’s death John was free to return to Ephesus. Dio Cassius wrote, [Emperor] Nerva also released all who were on trial for...
  • The King and I: Opening The Third Seal, Part 3

    population figures themselves, point to a future global famine. A silver denarius coin minted during the reign of Emperor Domitian. At the opening of the third seal, one of these coins - approximately one day's wage - was said to be needed to buy a...
  • The Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Part 2

    period from Augustus's death in A.D. 14 to Nero's death in A.D. 68, while the Histories begin after Nero's death and go to Domitian in A.D. 96. Tacitus wrote: Consequently, to get rid of the report, Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most...
  • Mary's Magnificat: The Mercy of God

    in history would include the pharaohs, Phillip II, Alexander the Great, Antiochus IV, Caesar Augustus, Caligula, and Domitian. Each and every one of them had their hearts in the hands of the Living God. When He was done with them, their hearts stopped...

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