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  • The Discovery of the Sin Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

    Trade With Syria In 1975 a great archive of clay tablets dating to 2400–2350 BC was discovered at Tell Mardikh, ancient Ebla, in northern Syria (Archi 1997). One of the tablets is a geographic atlas listing 289 place names. An analysis of two segments...
  • The Old Testament and the Ancient Near East: Profits and Losses

    (ca. 1700–1500 BC) and at Wadi el-Hol in south Egypt (ca. 1850–1700 BC). 11 The name is attested to as early as the Ebla Tablets (ca. 2400–2300 BC). See Paolo Matthiae, Ebla and Its Landscape: Early State Formation in the Ancient Near East (Walnut...
  • Genesis and Ancient Near Eastern Stories of Creation and Flood: Part IV

    being available from ancient Mesopotamia, though in recent years literatures from ancient Syria, especially from Ugarit and Ebla, 2 have been providing enormous amounts of material in other topics for comparative studies. Mesopotamian Flood Stories. (a)...
  • The Tablet Theory of Genesis Authorship

    described in the lives of the patriarchs. Several of these libraries date from long before Abraham’s time. Excavations at Ebla, Mari, and Nuzi have all yielded much confirmation of Old Testament history. The Mari archives contained actual names used in...

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