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  • A Fuzzy Theology of Beginnings: Book Review

    break down the creation account according to its historical and cultural context by comparing and distinguishing both the Egyptian and Mesopotamian settings. Finally, they explore common objections to help readers understand the significance that the...
  • David Rohl's Revised Egyptian Chronology: A View From Palestine

    David Rohl purports to have produced a better correlation between the findings of archaeology and the Bible by revising Egyptian chronology. Rohl, however, cannot so easily be brushed aside... This article was first published in the Summer 2001 issue...
  • Rameses: Wrath of God or Man?

    special Rameses: Wrath of God or Man? suggested the eldest son of Rameses II (the Great) was the firstborn son of the Egyptian Pharaoh killed by the tenth plague... The Discovery Channel special Rameses: Wrath of God or Man? aired Sunday, December 5,...
  • New Study: Significant Fish Trade Between Egypt and Canaan in the Late Bronze Age

    A new study analyzing fish teeth points to an extensive trade in fish between Egypt and Canaan some 3500 years ago. The researchers studied 100 teeth from the gilthead sea bream found at 12 different archaeological sites in the southern Levant...
  • Were the Israelites in Egypt? An In-Depth Conference

    by calling into doubt its historical accuracy, and often the area criticized the fiercest is the time that Israel spent in Egypt before the exodus. The absence of any evidence of Israelites in Egypt has made the Bible a laughingstock among many...
  • Shechem: Its Archaeological and Contextual Significance

    Joseph into slavery, setting the stage for the subsequent accounts of Joseph’s rise to power, Jacob and his family moving to Egypt and, later, Israel’s oppression by Egyptian Pharaohs. The earliest known extra-Biblical written record of Shechem comes...
  • Bronze Age Camel Petroglyphs In The Wadi Nasib, Sinai

    proposed still other variant readings (e.g., Shea 1987). Two meters (six ft) to the right of Gerster No. 1, however, is an Egyptian rock-inscription in the form of a stele from the 20th year of Ammenemes III (Gardiner and Peat 1952; pl. XIV; no.46;...
  • What Do Mt. Horeb, The Mountain of God, Mt. Paran and Mt. Seir Have to Do with Mt. Sinai?

    exile in Midian, God appeared to him in a burning bush at the base of the Mountain of God and called him to return to Egypt to lead the Israelites to freedom (Ex 3:1-4:17). When the Israelites first arrived at Mt. Sinai, Moses struck a rock at Horeb to...
  • Tomb of Royal Scribe Found In Egypt

    Cairo. Dating to the 19th Dynasty B.C (1315-1201 BC), the burial is the first ever Ramesside-period tomb uncovered in Lower Egypt, Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said recently... The elaborate burial tomb of an...
  • 13th Dynasty Pyramid Discovered in Egypt

    have been an early attempt to build a smooth-sided pyramid. This discovery adds to the list of 123 ancient pyramids known in Egypt. The tentative date of 1700 BC would place its construction after the death of Joseph but before the birth of Moses,...
  • Ramp Used to Move Quarry Stones Discovered in Egypt

    Archaeologists working at the ancient Hatnub Quarry in the Eastern Desert of Egypt have discovered a ramp system that was used to move the large alabaster stone blocks. A central ramp was unearthed with a set of stairs on each side containing post...
  • Possible Ptolemaic-Era Sarcophagus Opened in Egypt

    A sealed, 30-ton, black granite sarcophagus was recently discovered during a construction survey in Alexandria, Egypt. The burial site was initially dated to the Ptolemaic period (ca. 323-30 BC), although some archaeologists believe that the...
  • Egypt to carry out DNA test on Mummy

    Egypt plans to conduct a DNA test on a 3,500-year-old mummy to determine whether it belongs to King Thutmose I, one of the most famous Pharoahs, the country's chief archaeologist said last week.
  • Apollos: Eloquent and Mighty In the Scriptures

    the key to understanding Apollos’ eloquence and being mighty in the Scriptures lies in where he was from... Alexandria, Egypt. Where he lived and whom he associated himself with had an impact on his preaching. External Influences Alexandria, Egypt...
  • The Number of Israelites in the Exodus

    Recently, ABR received the following question about the number of Israelites that left Egypt in the Exodus. Dr. Bryant Wood replies... Recently, ABR received the following question about the number of Israelites that left Egypt in the Exodus. Dr....
  • Egypt To Ask For Return of Rosetta Stone

    Egypt is preparing to make a formal request for the return of the Rosetta Stone, the ancient artefact that helped to unlock the secrets of the pharaohs, from the British Museum. Zahi Hawass, the head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, said he...
  • Digging for Truth-Episode 71: The Israelite Sojourn in Egypt (Part Three)

    Dr. Bryant Wood joins us in the studio as we discuss the archaeological evidence related to the Israelite Sojourn in Egypt. Topics in Part Three include: the monumental tomb at Avaris, Pharaohs of the famine, Nomarchs, and the Khu-Sebek Stela.
  • Digging for Truth-Episode 70: The Israelite Sojourn in Egypt (Part Two)

    Dr. Bryant Wood joins us in the studio as we discuss the archaeological evidence related to the Israelite Sojourn in Egypt. Topics in Part Two include: Monumental tomb at Avaris, Pharaohs of the famine, Nomarchs, and the Khu-Sebek Stela.
  • Roman Temple Discovered in Egypt

    A Roman temple dating to the second century AD has been unearthed in Aswan, Egypt. The sandstone temple has a three-chambered sanctuary leading to a series of halls which are accessed by a ramp. Excavators also found stone engravings with stars inside...
  • Stolen Relief of Queen Hatshepsut Returned to Egypt

    A limestone relief that was stolen from Queen Hatshepsut's temple in Luxor was recently returned to Egypt. The relief, which is engraved with hieroglyphics, was stolen from the temple in 1975 and smuggled out of the country. It recently surfaced at an...

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