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  • The Documentary Hypothesis

    Astruc (1684–1766) came to believe that he could uncover the sources of the Pentateuch by using the divine names Yahweh and Elohim as a guide. He placed passages that use the name Elohim in one column (A), those that use Yahweh in another (B), and...
  • elohim
  • Genesis and Ancient Near Eastern Stories of Creation and Flood: An Introduction Part I

    of Genesis contain a “doublet” of creation stories and that these stories, characterized by the distinctive divine names, Elohim and YHWH , are of different origins with two independent, and even opposing, cosmologies. According to this traditional...
  • Correlating the Texts of Ancient Literature with the Old Testament

    to Exodus 3:13-16); it began with Adam and Eve, and the first reflexes of it in worship were shown by Abel. Note the word Elohim in Genesis chapter one is used of the Creator. In chapters two and three, Elohim is equated with YHWH. Double names for God...
  • The Tablet Theory of Genesis Authorship

    of which could be distinguished by the name used for God. The J-Document used the name Jehovah, the E-Document used Elohim, while the D and P documents were named for Deuteronomic and Priestly. This teaching led many people to lose confidence in the...
  • Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6?

    Hebrew Grammar says, ben denotes membership of a guild or society (or of a tribe, or any definite class). Thus benei haelohim (of Gn 6 and Job) properly means not “sons of god(s),” but beings of the class of elohim (1922: 418). Many references are found...

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