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  • Book Review: The Genesis Creation Account and Its Reverberations in the Old Testament

    cornerstone for those who want to make Genesis 1 dependent on ANE mythology. It is most notably connected to the Enuma Elish, and supposedly is derived from the name of the Babylonian monster, Tiamat. Thus, it is concluded, the Bible must be borrowing...
  • Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6?

    In this literature the people were created for the purpose of serving the gods and their emissaries! For instance in the Enuma Elish “creation” story, man was created from the blood of the gods (and clay), in order to take care of the gods. Georges Roux...
  • Correlating the Texts of Ancient Literature with the Old Testament

    Yahweh wrongly, and Abel doing it rightly. Here too, we have the first example of defiant anti- Yahweh ism. The Enuma Elish Babylonian Creation Story. The worship of Yahweh was carried on in the open air by Cain and Abel. Noah built an altar. So did...
  • From What Did Moses Compose Genesis?

    an illustrative case would be the treatment of the Babylonian epic account of creation, known (from its opening words) as Enuma Elish . Acquaintance with it is evidenced in the Genesis accounts of creation and of Babel-building, but in both passages the...
  • The Influence of the Ancient Near East on the Book of Genesis

    to the colophons found in the Babylonian tablets studied by Wiseman. In the same way, cosmological tales such as the Enuma Elish and Atra-Hasis did not come first, but the true cosmology retained by the ancient Semites preceded these corruptions. For...
  • A Fuzzy Theology of Beginnings: Book Review

    of Genesis and Hebrew history. Curiously, clay tablets do appear in their discussion of the Mesopotamian creation story, Enuma Elish. So why do they omit the Wiseman hypothesis? I asked Dr. Soden about this at the January 2013 talk. He pointed out that...
  • Cultural Change and the Confusion of Language in Ancient Sumer

    used of the Tower of Babel in Genesis was typical ziggurat terminology, of which Seely gives several examples. In the Enuma Elish story, the building of the great ziggurat at Babylon is described just as the Tower is in the Bible. The builders start by...

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