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  • The Baltimore Running Festival, the 300 and Esther

    participation in the event prompted me to consider a bit more carefully the origin of the event, which led me back to Queen Esther. My own academic work and interests have always been in the earlier periods of Biblical history. In fact, I have tended to...
  • Thermopylae and the Book of Esther

    20 yards wide. This battle has been made into a Hollywood movie entitled, simply, '300' (2006). Introduction In the book of Esther, this battle and the Persian war against the Greeks, takes place between chapters 1 and 2 of the book. It would be...
  • The Seraiah Assumption and the Decree of Daniel 9:25

    in 522 BC) Darius I, 522–486 BC (Temple essentially completed under him,Ezra 5–6) Xerxes l, 486–465 BC (the Ahasuerus of Esther 1–9) Artaxerxes I (Longimanus), 465–423 BC In this compilation the last year of one king’s reign overlaps with the first year...
  • Esther
  • The First Year of Herod the Great's Reign

    reckoned Nisan as the first month of their year as far back as the Babylonian exile. We see this unambiguously stated in Esther 3:7 (NASB): In the first month, which is the month Nisan, in the twelfth year of King Ahasuerus, Pur, that is the lot, was...
  • The Persians in Hollywood and History

    and glazed bricks from the ruins of this structure (Muscarella 1992: 216-17). The palace was the scene of the Book of Esther during the reign of Darius' son Xerxes I, known in the Bible as Ahasuerus(3) (Est 1:1), held by many to be a historical novel...
  • A History of ABR: Its Founders and Associates (1969-1994)

    and in celebration of the 40th anniversary of his founding of the ABR ministry. This History of ABR was written in 2003 by Esther Livingston, David's wife. In memory of those board members who put forth effort, time, prayers, funds, and were the rock on...
  • Have any structures mentioned in the Bible been discovered?

    Belshazzar held the feast and Daniel interpreted the handwriting on the wall (Daniel 5). The royal palace in Susa where Esther was queen of the Persian king Xerxes (Esther 1:2; 2:3, 5, 9, 16). The royal gate at Susa where Mordecai, Esther's cousin, sat...
  • The Roman Governor Who Fulfilled Prophecy (NOT Pontius Pilate)

    retained its connotation that the holder thereof had authority over life and death. You see this in the Bible when Queen Esther goes to visit the Persian King Ahasuerus: '(Esther said,) 'All the king's officials and the people of the royal provinces...
  • Dr. David Livingston, ABR Founder, At Home With Christ

    Our hearts are heavy at the loss of such a giant in the Faith. He will be greatly missed, especially by his beloved wife Esther and his entire family. At the same time, we rejoice that he is free from the body that was afflicted with illness and he is...
  • New Light on the Book of Daniel from the Dead Sea scrolls

    for Study, Revised Edition (Atlanta: Scholars Press). Geissen A. 1968 Der Septuaginta-Text des Buches Daniel 5–12 sowie Esther 1–2, 15 (Bonn: R. Habelt). Goldingay, J.E. 1989 Daniel, Word Biblical Commentary, vol. 30 (Dallas: Word Books). Hamm, W. 1969...
  • Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6?

    Pharaoh (Gn 12:10–20). Abimelech of Gerar took Rachel from Jacob. The “prince” of Shechem took Dinah from Jacob. Later, Esther waschosen from among the most beautiful (illustrating that the ruler could have whatever women he wished). Even in Israel, the...
  • A Tribute to David Livingston

    this ministry. To night we are here to honor Dr. David Livingston. It has been my privilege to know David and his wife Esther for the last 28 years. We first met in January 1977. I was a student at Christian Heritage College in El Cajon, California. One...
  • Did Anthrax Plague the Egyptians?

    of Harmful Algal Blooms' (rev. Oct. 22, 1999) online edition downloaded from, p. 15a. Esther Garcés, Mercedes Masá, Magda Vila, and Jordi Camp, 'Harmful algae events in the Mediterranean: Are they increasing?' Harmful Algae...
  • What Do Mt. Horeb, The Mountain of God, Mt. Paran and Mt. Seir Have to Do with Mt. Sinai?

    to events that took place at Mt. Sinai. This amounts to 14 percent of the 436 historical narrative chapters from Genesis to Esther. After Elijah's visit, Mt. Sinai dropped out of Biblical history, and its location faded from the remembrance of God's...
  • The Slaughter of the Innocents: Historical Fact or Legendary Fiction?

    leaders. Ironically,Herod died on the Feast of Purim and there was much rejoicing at the death of Herod the Wicked (cf. Esther 8:15-17; Faulstich 1998:110)! Five days before he died, Herod executed his oldest son Antipater (Antiquities 17:187; LCL...
  • What is the importance of the Dead Sea scrolls?

    and thousands of fragments have been discovered in the 11 caves of the Qumran area. Fragments of every Biblical book except Esther have been found, as well as many other non-Biblical texts. One ofthe most fascinating of the finds was a copper scroll...
  • Jesus Christ on The Inerrancy of Scripture

    Board of Directors and writes articles defending the historical reliability and Inerrancy of Scripture. He and his wife Esther reside in Lititz, PA.
  • Divine Healer: Jesus vs. Eshmun

    between Zimmuth Pesah and the Jewish Passover is the feast of Purim, connected with the events recorded in the Book of Esther (Bowman 1971; 1975). In the year AD 28, the feast of Purim fell on Shabbat (Faulstich 1986; cf. John 5:9, 15, 18). Verse 1 of...
  • In Honor of Dr. David Livingston

    and Egypt. David served six years as editor of Bible and Spade, and 20 years as the editor of the ABRNewsletter. His wife Esther reside in Lititz, PA. Read articles by Dr. David Livingston.

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