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  • First Temple-Era Stone Weight Unearthed in Jerusalem

    project in the Emek Tzurim National Park amidst the rubble taken from the 2013 excavations under Robinson's Arch. Exodus 38:26 mentions the "beka" in regard to the weight of silver brought by the Israelites for the maintenance of the temple: "A beka a...
  • Researching Jericho

    Boston. 1987c Jericho Revisited: The Archaeology and History of Jericho in the Late Bronze Age. Who Was the Pharaoh of the Exodus Symposium.
  • Home Cooking: Old Testament Israelite Style

    the ancient Israelites ate in the Promised Land indicated it was a place 'flowing with milk and honey,' first mentioned in Exodus 3:8. It suggests the Holy Land as a place of flocks and herds as well as agricultural produce. The 'honey' might represent...
  • Archaeologists find ancient army HQ in Sinai

    ABR resources that discuss this important subject see: Gary Byers' articles: New Evidence From Egypt on the Location of the Exodus Sea Crossing: Part I and Part II in the Winter and Spring 2006 issues of Bible and Spade
  • Biblical Archaeology in 2011: Marching On

    collapsing 15th Dynasty in Egypt, from which its leader extended his control over areas later inhabited by Israel. Of the Exodus he states, 'The impression of a massive invasion of refugees from the Delta is an illusion that arose fromJoshua's efforts...
  • Joseph in Egypt: Part II

    feminine version of Usher; and Shepra is known to us in the Old Testament as Shiphrah, the Hebrew midwife in the Book of Exodus (Hayes: 95-96). Secondly, the duties assigned to the Asiatic slaves in our list provide some important correlations to...
  • The Power of Presuppositions

    observation echoes what Zevit states in his article: 'Did the plagues actually occur in the order and manner described in Exodus?' Let's just rephrase these questions in plain language: Are we to believe thatthe biblical account of the plagues are...
  • Bogus Giant Human Skeletons From Greece

    and went to the island of Crete (ancient Caphtor). They returned to their homeland about the same time as the Israelite Exodus from Egypt (Amos 9:7). The Philistines were not on the Peloponnese where these skeletons were allegedly found. The Apostle...
  • Is It Time to Throw Away Your Bible? The Walls of Jericho Part Three

    Part 2 The Walls of Jericho: The Skeptics Come Tumblin' Down: Part 3 Don't We Just Need 'Faith'? Noah and the Flood The Exodus From Egypt Despite the claims of modern science, scholarship and culture, the Bible stands, unshaken by the vain imaginations...
  • ABR Associate Dr. Doug Petrovich Reveals Ancient 'Moses' Inscription

    (Ex 35:34). The most exciting inscription, however, may be the one which names Moses and dates to 1446 BC, the year of the Exodus. That inscription reads, 'Our bound servitude had lingered, Moses then provoked astonishment.'
  • Working Together for the Kingdom: A Message from ABR - UPDATED

    The Fall of Jericho on the American Heroes Channel. He was also featured prominently in the new film, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus which was shown in theaters across the country. ABR welcomed Dr. Del Tackett at its annual Friends Banquet this year. Your...
  • Bronze Artifacts Found at Biblical Site

    were discovered lying exposed on the floor of some ancient storehouses. The incense shovel fits the description given in Exodus 27:1-3: 'You shall make the shall make pots for it to receive its ashes, and shovels and basins and forks and...
  • Answering the Critics: Part Three with Scott Lanser

    as it relates to the science of archaeology and the study of the Bible. Included is a brief discussion concerning the Exodus, David, Solomon, and the domestication of camels.
  • For Dust Thou Art and Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return

    used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar' (Gn 11:3). (ABR file photos) But the most famous mudbricks passage is in Exodus. The Israelites were in servitude in Egypt and forced to make (sun-dried) mudbricks. But then they were told they had to...
  • Is It Time to Throw Away Your Bible?: 'Bart Ehrman and The Reliability of the NT'

    Part 2 The Walls of Jericho: The Skeptics Come Tumblin' Down: Part 3 Don't We Just Need 'Faith'? Noah and the Flood The Exodus From Egypt Despite the claims of modern science, scholarship and culture, the Bible stands, unshaken by the vain imaginations...
  • 400 Prophecies of Christ in the Old Testament

    copies of the debate are available online.1 Let us briefly consider a few passages from the Old Testament. First, consider Exodus 17:1-6 from the Torah/Law. This solemn scene is a remarkable preview of Calvary. The translation used renders verse 6 with...
  • ABR's Excavations at Shiloh Now Underway

    any Israelite material culture uncovered at Shiloh from LB IIB to Iron Age IB would be evidence of a 15th-century BC Exodus and Conquest. This will be ABR's third major excavation in the Central Highlands of the territory of Benjamin/Ephraim, having...
  • Encouraged by Ozark

    of Israel. It was the Lord's providence clearly working when we discovered that College Heights had been teaching on the Exodus! Gary Byers was able to provide a substantial amount of additional information about this important subject. ABR brought lots...
  • Great Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology: The Merenptah Stela

    BC. As of today, we have no Egyptian record of Israel living in Egypt. But the Biblical description of the Ten Plagues, Exodus and Reed Sea crossing might suggest why. Egyptian monuments were to impress their gods or their enemies; and the story of the...
  • Archaeology and the Bible

    older, based on a detailed analysis of the writing. For more, see: New Evidence Supporting the Early (Biblical) Date of the Exodus and Conquest.

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