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  • The Name Yahweh in Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts

    God Yahweh. The purpose of this paper is to study these two references and assess their possible importance in dating the Exodus account... This article was originally published in the Autumn 2009 issue of Artifax. Posted with permission. INTRODUCTION...
  • An Appraisal of the 2010 Drews and Han Wind Setdown Models of the Exodus 14 Sea Crossing

    conducted 19 computer simulation tests of wind setdown at three suggested locations for the sea crossing described in Exodus 14 (2010). Wind setdown is the drop in water level caused by wind stress acting on the surface of a body of water for an...
  • From Ramesses to Shiloh: Archaeological Discoveries Bearing on the Exodus-Judges Period

    archaeological data are properly understood, the archaeologicalevidence and the biblical record are in complete agreement. Exodus A King Who Did Not Know Joseph (Exod. 1:8) There have been a number of suggestions as to the identity of the un­named1...
  • Monumental Misconceptions

    evidence the Hebrew slaves built the pyramids or any other major Egyptian structure - many of these buildings predate the exodus by thousands of years, including the Sphinx and associated pyramids. You are correct that the Hebrews did not build the...
  • Is It Time to Throw Away Your Bible? The Exodus from Egypt

    For decades, scholars have continually argued that 'there is no evidence for the Exodus' in Egypt. Aside from this being an argument from silence, archaeological research in Egypt has revealed numerous evidences consistent with the biblical account...
  • Book Review: From Abraham to Paul: A Biblical Chronology: Part II

    Chapter 3 establishes two benchmarks for Old Testament chronology: the dates for Solomon’s reign and the time of the Exodus. Much of the material in this chapter has not appeared before in book form. As already mentioned, the Tyrian data found in...
  • New Evidence Supporting the Early (Biblical) Date of the Exodus and Conquest

    Evangelical scholars are divided as to when the Exodus-Conquest events took place. The Berlin Topographical Statue Base Relief The chronological data in the Bible, however, clearly indicates that these events transpired in the 15th century BC, the...
  • How the Passover Illuminates the Date of the Crucifixion

    up the first Passover, then how the Jews subsequently celebrated it. There are four important passages we need to look at. Exodus 12 Our first passage records the inception of the Passover, on the night when the angel of the Lord struck down all of the...
  • The Royal Precinct at Rameses

    the direction of Manfred Beitak of the Austrian Archaeological Institute, Cairo, since 1966. The mention of Rameses in Exodus 1:11 has been used as an argument for dating the Exodus to the reign of Rameses II (ca. 1279–1212 BC; Egyptian dates in this...
  • Lex Talionis and the Human Fetus

    close scrutiny for the light it might shed on the critical question of the nature of the unborn child. This law, found in Exodus 21:22-25, turns out to be perhaps the most decisive positive evidence in Scripture that the fetus is to be regarded as a...
  • Rameses: Wrath of God or Man?

    far more difficult case for the Discovery Channel special to make is the identification of Rameses II as the Pharaoh of the Exodus. While narrator Morgan Freeman duly stated after every commercial break that Rameses II might be the Pharaoh of the...
  • Review of 'The Human Faces of God' by Thom Stark

    so there being two parties - a giver and a receiver - is not a necessary implication of the word. Then we read verses like Exodus 34:9 where Moses pleads with Yahweh to "take us for your inheritance" rather than destroy Israel for its sins. There is no...
  • Is Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia?

    David Fasold, with his “molecular frequency generator” (MFG), into joining their expedition to search for the “gold of Exodus” (Blum 1998: 49-51). Fasold claims this device can detect various types of metal under the ground. When one of Samran’s workers...
  • Digging for Truth-Episode 41: What is the Biblical Date of the Exodus? (Part One)

    joins us in the studio as we discuss the Biblical texts that provide us with the information to date the Israelite Exodus from Egypt. Includes a discussion of I Kings 6:1, Judges 11:26 and I Chronicles 6:33-38 (Part One).
  • Digging for Truth Audio Series: Archaeological Evidence for Moses and the Exodus

    and history. In this episode of Digging for Truth, hear Bryan Windle discuss archaeological evidence for Moses and the Exodus from Egypt. dft-001-bew-ArchaeologicalEvidenceforKingDavid.mp3 Posted with permission from Hope Stream Radio and Bryan Windle.
  • Digging for Truth-Episode 42: What is the Biblical Date of the Exodus? (Part Two)

    joins us in the studio as we discuss the Biblical texts that provide us with the information to date the Israelite Exodus from Egypt. Includes a discussion of Ezekiel 40:1, Seder Olam Rabbah, Stephen's speech in Acts 7, Paul's speech at Pisidian Antioch...
  • Digging for Truth-Episode 43: Archaeological Evidence for the Early Date of the Exodus (Part One)

    Dr. Scott Stripling joins us in the studio as we discuss archaeological evidence related to the date of the Exodus, ca. 1446 BC. Topics includes: Sinai 375a, Avaris, Rameses, Goshen, the Amarna Letters and the Soleb Inscription.
  • Digging for Truth-Episode 44: Archaeological Evidence for the Early Date of the Exodus (Part 2)

    Dr. Scott Stripling joins us in the studio as we discuss archaeological evidence related to the date of the Exodus. Topics include: the Berlin Pedestal, the Merneptah Stela, the destruction of Hazor, and Josephus. (All episodes of Digging for Truth are...
  • New Discoveries at Rameses

    reported on the important discovery of a royal precinct at Rameses, the setting of events recorded in the early chapters of Exodus. The article summarizes the results of excavations undertaken from 1993 to 2000. In the present article I would like to...
  • Exodus 21

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