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  • What is Man?

    human family strongly attests to the Biblical history of origins. Fossil forms, however, present a more confused picture. Fossils are the remains of formerly living things which have been preserved and, in some cases, saturated with minerals so as to be...
  • transitional fossils
  • fossils
  • Guilty as Charged

    dating of the lakebed had placed it at over 200 million years, but this age was rejected since the lakebed contained fossils 'known' to be far younger.) However, radiometric dating is expensive and tedious, so samples from local regions are generally...
  • Habilis and Erectus- Again

    the form of an ancient braincase and partial upper jaw unearthed in Kenya in 2000. The discoverers claim that these two fossils prove that there were two species of Homo (the genus that includes modern humans) that lived at the same time in East Africa...
  • An Alternative Interpretation of Bender's Wood

    the Flood. Now, however, most young-age creationists would assign at least all the Quaternary deposits (including all human fossils) to post-Flood times. In fact, virtually all professionally-trained young-age creationist geologists place the...
  • Fins to Feet Again?

    Unfilled gaps, incomplete fossils, and incorrect anatomical reconstructions should give us pause before we jump to hasty conclusions about a missing link between fish and tetrapods... The scientific world was recently rocked by the discovery of what...
  • Rocking the Boat, Part Two: The Hydrological Model of the Flood

    range could exist through the propsed events during the flood. Yet there is ample evidence of mountains with marine fossils all over and high level sediment. Are you not doing the same assuming that you are complaining about? We also find the same...
  • Evolution and Empirical Evidence

    theory have always claimed, usually to a strongly negative response. Another objection raised by non-Darwinists is that fossils that purport to provide indisputable evidence for human evolution from more-primitive, apelike ancestors (known as hominids)...
  • Revising Radiocarbon Dating

    is fraught with problems. Radiocarbon dating methods are frequently used in determining the ages of ancient artifacts and fossils. These methods invariably give a great age for the ancient item in question. Radiocarbon dating is based on the fact that...
  • Ramidus vs. Orrorin, Again

    dispute over these two fossils shows that the search for human origins is not a purely scientific endeavor, but is fraught with personal animosity and the desire to be the first paleontologist to prove that humans evolved from lower animals. An earlier...,-Again
  • A Universal Flood: 3000 B.C.

    water on the earth's mantle, mountains were uplifted. Today the continents and highest mountains are covered with sea fossils. Half the continental sediments are of oceanic origin. Geologists say this is because, at times, the continents have been under...
  • Christians in the Public Square: How Far Should Evangelicals Go in the Creation-Evolution Debate?

    the earth in the form of a flood (indicated by the water of 1:2) and then a global ice age. The plant, animal, and human fossils on earth today date from this flood, and are genetically unrelated to plants, animals, and humans on earth today. Gen 1:2...
  • Science and the Bible: Friends or Foes?

    in a volcano and its chemical composition. Others include establishing the mineral composition of a rocklayer, identifying fossils found in them, and determining the ratios of radioactive isotopes and their daughter products. On the other hand, there...
  • A Fuzzy Theology of Beginnings: Book Review

    evidence that points to an old earth โ€“ geology and radiometric dating โ€“ also point to ancient forms of biological life in fossils. Thus, the data would suggest that there was death before Adam.โ€ (page 167) What about the evidence that does not point to...
  • New Doubts About Half-Life Dating

    21). Based on this assumption, scientists use the decay rate of certain substances to date the age of rock formations, fossils, and the Earth itself. However, this assumption has recently come under doubt. The November 22, 2008, issue of the journal...
  • Subjectivity in Radiometric Dating

    by processes which would disturb this balance, so radiometric dating cannot be used for this type of rock. Unfortunately, fossils, the other approach to dating rock, only occur in sedimentary rock. The above weaknesses of radioisotope dating are well...
  • Flores Man: Tiny Human Cousins?

    abnormally small brains and bodies...[Some researchers]now suspect that Morwood's team has mistakenly classified H. sapiens fossils as a new species (Bower 2005: 245). A leading skeptic is anthropologist Robert D. Martin of the Field Museum in Chicago....
  • A Great New Film: Is Genesis History?

    scholars looking at the world and explaining how it intersects with the history recorded in Genesis. From rock layers to fossils to lions to stars, this fascinating film will challenge and change the way you see the world. Showing in theaters as a...
  • Ancient muscle tissue extracted from '18 million year old' fossil

    researchers themselves have admitted. Soft-tissue evidence such as muscle, blood and cells should not be there if the fossils really are millions of years old.

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