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  • Historical Narrative and Truth in the Bible

    history and theology can cohere. Moreover, as Kevin Vanhoozer has shown, truth is derived differently depending on the genre employed in Scripture. Yet “the diversity of literary forms does not imply that Scripture contains competing kinds of truth: it...
  • genre
  • The Generations of Genesis

    must here follow him with great caution and with a tentative mind. He thinks it proper to speak of a “heretofore unsuspected genre of document” which may now take its place along with royal inscriptions upon which the Mesopotamian scholarly tradition...
  • After the Hype: The Significance of The Gospel of Judas

    The Judas Gospel comes from a well-known genre of ancient literature called Gnostic Gospels. We know of about 50 of these ancient texts from discussions by early church fathers who rejected them as heretical... This article was first published in the...
  • Book Review: The Genesis Creation Account and Its Reverberations in the Old Testament

    Fall, Restoration: A Biblical Theology of Creation , (Scotland: Christian Focus Publications, 2009). 6 Steven Boyd, “The Genre of Genesis 1:1-2:3: What Means This Text?” in Coming to Grips with Genesis , ed. Terry Mortenson and Thane Ury (Green Forest,...
  • A Critical Analysis of the Evidence from Ralph Hawkins for a Late-Date Exodus-Conquest

    the “fourth year” of Solomon, are to be taken literally, then could any judicious approach that deals with literary genre say that the 480 years in the same verse are to be taken as unhistorical? This is particularly pertinent if we accept Cassuto’s...
  • Genesis and Ancient Near Eastern Stories of Creation and Flood: Part III

    Genesis,” as well as the Biblical account (P), neither as a history nor as a myth; he assigns them to a “mytho-historical” genre, since they both have a chronological arrangement along a line of time, with a chain of cause and effect, and show interest...
  • Genesis and Ancient Near Eastern Stories of Creation and Flood: An Introduction Part I

    is certainly not a true cosmological myth. Genesis 2 and following, therefore, should not be treated as the same literary genre as Genesis 1 , which locates the creation of humankind at the grand climax of the creation of the cosmos, 3 while the former...
  • The Baltimore Running Festival, the 300 and Esther

    dead were remembered for their valor, courage, steadfastness and skill at arms. It is the ultimate example of the literary genre known as “The Glorious Defeat.” Like the Alamo or Masada, it becomes a “Moral Victory” for their side to persevere and carry...
  • Brief Reflections on the So-Called 'Jesus Wife' Fragment

    information to determine the larger context, nor if it is even merited to refer to the writing as part of the "Gospel" genre. We do not even know if the "wife" reference is some kind of poetic or non-literal expression, and so it hardly even qualifies...
  • Armchair Archaeology and the New Atheism

    and there is a “huge amount of fabrication” in the details presented in the gospel records (2007, p. 114). The only genre into which the gospel accounts could possibly be forced would be legend, but even then, there was insufficient time for Jesus to...
  • Christians in the Public Square: How Far Should Evangelicals Go in the Creation-Evolution Debate?

    Is there any doubt that the author of Gen 1 intended that the narrative be understood as normal sequential action? The genre is clearly narrative, not poetry. As Pipa notes, “is there any way Moses could have more precisely indicated six, normal,...
  • A Fuzzy Theology of Beginnings: Book Review

    accord with the inerrant Scripture. I do not believe that Genesis 1, understood within the context of Hebrew language, genre and culture, teaches recent creation. I know I still have lots to learn on the subject, but I believe that Christians can affirm...
  • Testing the Factuality of the Conquest of Ai Narrative in the Book of Joshua: Part Three

    likely be dominated by LB I materials. In particular, because of the durability of large storage jars, only vessels of this genre which are diagnostic to LB I would be expected at the site of Joshua’s Ai. Object artifacts appropriate to a small highland...

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