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  • Gordon Franz returns from Mount Cudi Expedition

    ABR staff archaeologist Gordon Franz just returned from his expedition with researcher and friend Bill Crouse to Mount Cudi, their candidate for the landing site of Noah's Ark in the region of ancient Urartu. A Turkish blog featured Gordon and Bill on...
  • Refuting Contemporary Attacks on the Resurrection: Part Two with Gordon Franz

    Part Two of Gordon Franz's discussion refuting many of the popular and contemporary attacks on the Resurrection of Jesus.
  • Refuting Contemporary Attacks on the Resurrection: Part Three with Gordon Franz

    Part Three of Gordon Franz's discussion refuting many of the popular and contemporary attacks on the Resurrection of Jesus.
  • Refuting Contemporary Attacks on the Resurrection: Part One with Gordon Franz

    Part One of Gordon Franz's discussion refuting many of the popular and contemporary attacks on the Resurrection of Jesus. Part One includes a discussion of Bloodline and the Da Vinci Code.
  • Gordon Franz Speaking at Noah's Ark Symposium in Sirnak, Turkey

    In order to provide scientists a platform to put forward their views, thoughts and findings in this issue, the University of Sirnak organizes the International Symposium on Noah's Ark and Judi Mountain. The conference will take place September 27-29,...
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  • Gods, Gold And The Glory Of Philippi

    landed in Macedonia (Acts 16:11). Macedonia was the northern part of Greece, with Neapolis being its easternmost port. Gordon Franz. Diodorus of Sicily, a Greek historian of the first century BC, writing in his Library of History, describes what...
  • Has Anyone Discovered Noah's Ark?

    ABR staff members Gordon Franz and Rick Lanser have spent considerable time and research with respect to Noah's Ark. There are two possible candidates ABR has identified within the region of Ararat. 1. Mount Cudi, a view held by Bill Crouse and ABR...
  • A History of ABR: Its Founders and Associates (1969-1994)

    a three week course at Christian Heritage College in San Diego. It was about that class that a brilliant youngstudent, Gordon Franz, had this to say, "We sat in class in the periodical room of the library. I was eating up all the material—that class was...
  • Report on the 'International and Judi Mountain Symposium'

    to show the scientific evidence for a young earth and geological evidence for a universal, world-wide Flood. My paper ( Gordon Franz ) was entitled: “Did Sennacherib, King of Assyria, Worship Wood from Noah’s Ark?” This question was prompted by an...
  • Dead Sea scrolls: Life and Faith in Ancient Times

    On display at the Franklin Institute from May 12 to October 14, 2012. ABR Staff Archaeologist Gordon Franz provides commentary and a free study guide from a Christian perspective.. Gordon Franz examines Psalm 145 at the Franklin Institute Exhibit of...
  • A Review of: 'The Search for Noah's Ark'

    and critique of the 2008 video, "The Search for Noah's Ark," produced by the BASE Institute of Colorado Springs, CO. By Gordon Franz, Bill Crouse, and Rex Geissler Introduction Adventurer Robert Cornuke has produced a new video which claims that...
  • A Tribute to David Livingston

    founding ABR, but on his influence in the lives of others. The following article was a message that night presented by Gordon Franz, giving insight into the man who began this ministry... This article was first published in the Summer 2009 issue of...
  • Noah's Ark Discovered Again?

    have seen so far causes us to doubt or change our position. Read more at these ABR links: 'The Search for Noah's Ark' by Gordon Franz Noah's Ark Update by Rick Lanser Has Anyone Discovered Noah's Ark? by GaryByers An Armenian Perspective on the Search...
  • Where is Mount Sinai in Arabia (Galatians 4:25)?

    the 'Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia' thesis continue to appeal to Galatians 4:25 as a supporting argument for their theory. Gordon Franz shows how the first century reader would have understood Paul's geographic reference. Introduction In Galatians 4:25,...
  • Has Paul's Shipwreck Been Found?

    to the shipwreck of Paul on the island of Malta. This thesis has been thoroughly evaluated by ABR Staff member Gordon Franz, and shown to be untenable. A review of Mr. Cornuke's latest public comments will be forthcoming... Robert Cornuke appeared on...
  • The Temple of Caesar Augustus at Caesarea Philippi

    brutal rule (Josephus, Antiq. 15: 343-348; LCL 8: 165-169). Map of the region of Caesarea Philippi. (Click to enlarge) Gordon Franz Josephus, the First Century AD Jewish historian, mentions the location and construction of the Augusteum near Paneion in...
  • Why Were The Sailors Afraid Of The Syrtis Sands (Acts 27:17)?

    in the Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. This article is the fruit of on-going research that Gordon Franz has conducted on the island of Malta since 1997. His focus on his six visits to the island has been the shipwreck of the...
  • Not So Fast!: 'Brother of Jesus' Might Be Authentic, But Not 'James, The Son of Joseph'

    Ossuary. Still, the trial details leave us with concerns about the total authenticity of this artifact. ABR Staff member Gordon Franz interviewed one of the trial witnesses and conservator, Orna Ohen, in 2008. Introduction In the latest issue of...
  • The King and I: Exiled To Patmos, Part 2

    governmental officials. Apparently free to move about the island, John probably resided in one of the outlying villages. Gordon Franz A hippodrome on the island, known from inscription but not yet identified, was probably located near modern Skela....

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