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  • Greece Tour
  • A History of ABR: Its Founders and Associates (1969-1994)

    In memory of those board members who put forth effort, time, prayers, funds, and were the rock on which this work was based; To these, who have now gone on to their reward in Glory, I would like to give special recognition... This article is part of a...
  • Mutiny on the HMS Corinth: Under-Rowers for Captain Jesus

    On April 28, 1789, eighteen sailors from the crew of the HMS Bounty, led by Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian, mutinied against Lieutenant William Bligh because he was allegedly cruel to them, but more than likely the mutineers were smitten by the...
  • The Battle of Philippi: The Battle that Changed the Course of Western Civilization

    There are few events in world history that are 'game changers,' that change the course of human history and civilization. December 7, 1941 stands out because it was a 'day that will live in infamy.' That was the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor...
  • Does 'The Lost Shipwreck of Paul' Hold Water?

    Mr. Cornuke's investigations on the island of Malta led to the conclusion that the shipwreck occurred on the eastern end of the island of Malta, rather than the traditional site at St. Paul's Bay on the northern side of the island... Book Review :...
  • Advancing the Kingdom: A Look Back at 2013

    The holiday season is before us with all of its blessings and joys and with a little busyness and stress mixed in! We hope you will experience the peace and joy of Jesus in this season as you walk as an 'overcomer' in the kingdom of God. It is so...
  • Meat Offered to Idols' in Pergamum and Thyatira

    This article deals with understanding the phrase 'meat offered to idols' in two of the letters that the Lord Jesus addressed to the seven churches. Dr. Charles A. Kennedy has set forth, in my opinion, the best explanation for the phrase 'meat offered...

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