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Assuming hybridization is required, the following results were found.

  • Hybridization Creates New Species

    reproducing species can suddenly appear not necessarily through evolution and survival of the fittest, but through the hybridization of separate, already-existing species. An example of this was observed by Jesús Mavárez of the Smithsonian Tropical...
  • Hybridization and Polyploidy

    many cases these new species, similar to but noticeably different from their near relatives, are actually the result of hybridization between two different species within the greater created kind (the Hebrew miyn of Genesis 1:11, translated genus in the...
  • hybridization
  • The Date of Camel Domestication in the Ancient Near East

    Daniel, 2004, “ Bactrian Camels and Bactrian-Dromedary Hybrids ,” (off-site link), based on Potts, Daniel, 2004, “Camel hybridization and the role of Camelus bactrianus in the Ancient Near East,” Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient...

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