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  • Dating Jericho's Destruction: Bienkowski is Wrong on All Counts

    argument, but it should not be the sole basis for determining a date.2 Bienkowski next states that the expulsion of the Hyksos from Egypt in the mid-16th century bears no relevance to the dating of the destruction of Jericho. This was exactly my...
  • Recent Research on the Date and Setting of the Exodus

    hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.’” During the 15th Dynasty, ca. 1663–1555 BC, Egypt was ruled by Hyksos (foreign rulers) from southern Canaan who had their capital at Avaris. After the native Egyptians overthrew the Hyksos and...
  • 2014 Excavations at Kh. el-Maqatir: A Proposed New Location for Ai and Ephraim

    from a locus that had been disturbed by looters, the original location remains uncertain. It clearly dates from the late Hyksos or Second Intermediate Period in Egypt (ca. 1668-1560 BC) based on the circle motifs on its base (Fig. 1). Fig. 1. Hyksos...
  • The Curious History of the 'Editor' in Biblical Criticism

    one text at Ugarit mentions a man called “Abraham the Egyptian,” who cannot be the Abraham of the Bible, but was probably a Hyksos leader. To the textual evidence at Ugarit should also be added the evidence of the Amarna Letters, which clearly prove...
  • The Biblical Date for the Exodus is 1446 BC: A Response to James Hoffmeier

    Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 1977] 217–61). [20] Ibid. 236. [21] The context of Exod 1:11 points to the Hyksos period (Wood, “Ramesses to Shiloh” 257–58). [22] “Biblical Date” 234 n. 53. [23] Another example of a later name used in...
  • David Rohl's Revised Egyptian Chronology: A View From Palestine

    of the technology of metallurgy and pottery manufacture. They also would have had international relations with the Hyksos rulers of Egypt (Dever 1987). This is a highly unlikely scenario. The Bible depicts the Israelites during the time of the Judges...
  • Joseph in Egypt: Part V

    was an Egyptian; Joseph was aHebrew. Even if we assume, as many scholars do, that the Pharaoh in the Joseph story was a Hyksos king, there is no reason to suspect any blood relation between the two men. Dismissing that possibility, what then does the...
  • The Walls of Jericho

    able to capture a great walled city of Jericho, because there was no city of Jericho in these periods…the huge ruins of the Hyksos city gave rise tothe folktale attached to the hero Joshua (1965: 190, 200). According to Kenyon's dating, there was no...
  • Biblical Archaeology in 2011: Marching On

    inscriptions exists-the theory remains quite imaginative. It proposes that the Israelites and Joshua were stand-ins for the Hyksos of the collapsing 15th Dynasty in Egypt, from which its leader extended his control over areas later inhabited by Israel....
  • Canaanite Offerings Discovered at Gezer

    Canaanite gods, a silver pendant featuring an eight-pointed star, and an Egyptian scarab in a gold bezel that dates to the Hyksos era. Archaeologists hypothesize that this trove was deliberately placed in the foundation of the building as an offering to...
  • The Beni Hasan Asiatics and the Biblical Patriarchs

    He is labeled as 'Ruler of a Foreign Land' (heq setu) above the antelope's head. This title is the root of the word 'Hyksos'-the hieroglyphic name for a group of Asiatics who invaded and ruled Lower (northern) Egypt several centuries later. There is no...
  • New Evidence from Egypt on the Location of the Exodus Sea Crossing: Part II

    (Asiatics), was called Rowaty. The following city, called Avaris, was also settled by Semites during the period of the Hyksos rule. The next city, at the time of the Exodus, was probably known as Peru-nefer. The final city in this area was built by...
  • Amenhotep II as Pharaoh of the Exodus

    Explorations in the Eastern Nile Delta, the Wheeler Lecture for 1979. London: British Academy. 1996 Avaris: Capital ofthe Hyksos, the Sackler Lecture for 1992. London: British Museum. Borchardt. L. 1935 Die Mittel zur zeitlichen Festlegung von Punkten...

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