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  • The Manger and the Inn

    Bible and Spade. Why would Joseph, “of the lineage of David,” in the city of his family’s origin have to seek shelter in an inn and be turned out into a stable? Recently this question was put to me here in Beirut. This paper presents an answer. In this...
  • There Wasn't Any Inn

    but they enjoyed talking and visiting with their cousins. They gossiped and talked about Mary's pregnancy. There was no inn in Bethlehem. According to the culture of that time, their cousins would have been insulted if they had not stayed with them....
  • inn
  • Khirbet el-Maqatir Exhibit Opens January 2017

    will occur from Thursday, January 19 through Saturday January 21. The Thursday night event on the 19 will be an opening dinner where guests can meet and greet with visiting archaeologists and museum curators. A full buffet will be served to include...
  • Khirbet el-Maqatir Spring 2016 Season: Touring Report June 12-June 17

    and all returned to the hotel fairly exhausted. Tuesday, 14 June 2016 - Masada, Dead Sea scrolls, Qumran, the Good Samaritan Inn, and the Tomb of Lazarus. Almost everyone knows about Masada - a place where the Jewish people under attack by the Roman...
  • Biblical Archaeology Meets the Hatfields and McCoys

    your Tickets Today to visit: Khirbet el-Maqatir & A Journey through Biblical History (off site link). The local Hilton Garden Inn has a special rate for visitors for the exhibit: Hilton Garden Inn (off-site link).
  • Digging at Khirbet el-Maqatir 2015: Week Four

    the desert road as we continued northward back to Jerusalem. Mikveh bath (ritual cleansing) steps Our final stop was at the Inn of the Good Samaritan Museum where the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) has gathered and displayed items that were in...
  • Christmas Reflections

    account? BLOODLINE: Serious Documentary or Hollywood Hoax? Incontrovertible proof to refute Christianity? The Manger and the Inn Our understanding of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus are usually formed by our exposure to the traditional...
  • The Pastor and the Christmas Story

    task for a pastor In my search for new insights that year, I came across an article by Kenneth Bailey, ' The Manger and the Inn: The Cultural Background of Luke 2:7 ' reprinted in ABR's Bible and Spade. Bailey has written a new book, Jesus Through...
  • My Israel Diary, Winter 2016

    time in building a flint database in preparation for our meeting tomorrow with Dr. Rosen. Afterward, we enjoyed a late dinner at Azura, one of the many good restaurants in our neighborhood. They are famous for their pizza, but I had lamb with stewed...
  • Dig Diary From Khirbet el-Maqatir: Winter 2012 Part 5

    for the government leaders of Israel. Also, there is a couple here from India who Tika recognizes from our Christmas Eve dinner in Bethlehem. After some sweet time with the Lord, but before we slip out of the gathering, I go over to quietly greet the...
  • Dig Diary From Khirbet el-Maqatir: Winter 2012 Part 4

    stories... one is of a young Arab man, whom he met in his classroom in TX. During the Second Intifada (2000), he was innocently walking thru the marketplace when he and others were suddenly arrested and thrown into a Jerusalem jail. While there, Jesus...

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