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  • The Great Isaiah Scroll and the Original Bible: An Interview with Dr. Peter Flint

    For over forty years, the Great Isaiah Scroll was under lock and key, deep underground in Jerusalem. In 2008, for the 60th anniversary of the Dead Sea scrolls discovery, the Israel Antiquities Authority displayed the scroll. In 1987, as the Dead Sea...
  • The Ultimate Sign: Isaiah 7

    In Isaiah chapter 7, God demonstrates His faithfulness to a promise that He made with King David concerning the Davidic dynasty by giving the ultimate sign to the House of David. The sign would be a virgin born Son named Immanuel, God with us. As we...
  • Babylon Revisited: Isaiah 21

    of this destruction by the German excavation at the beginning of the 20th century. With this, let us turn our attention to Isaiah 21. Introduction During the First Gulf War - Operation Desert Storm - Saddam Hussein was brought to the forefront of world...
  • Who Is Immanuel?

    Micah predicted He would be born in Bethlehem (5:2), Psalm 22 described His crucifixion, Psalm 16 His resurrection and Isaiah 53 gave the reason for His death: to pay for all our sins. Does the Bible predict His virgin birth? Yes, Matthew records the...
  • Earthquakes on the Increase? Or Warning of Judgment to come?

    in Bible prophecy. They are mentioned in the Book of Revelation (6:12-17; 8:5; 11:13,19; 16:16-21) as well as the books of Isaiah (2:19,21; 5:25; 24:19), Ezekiel (38:19,20), Joel (2:10; 3:16) and Zechariah (14:4,5). A number of prophecy teachers point...
  • The Crumbling of Creation: The Cause of the Earth's Decay and God's Glorious Cure

    God’s glorious cure for the planet’s decay will be unfolded, culminating in the New Heavens and New Earth spoken of by Isaiah, Peter, and John. The Original State of Creation (Gen 1-2) Genesis 1-2 lays out in vivid detail God’s creation of the world....
  • The Prophets' Knowledge of Contemporary Idolatry

    B. Dick, professor of Hebrew Bible at Siena College in New York, in an article he wrote entitle 'Worshiping Idols: What Isaiah Didn't Know.' After mentioning Isaiah's scathing condemnation of pagan idolatry in Mesopotamia, Prof. Dick asks rhetorically,...
  • The Christmas Myth as Displayed by the American Atheists

    'Come now, and let us REASON together,' says the LORD The atheists want us to celebrate REASON this season. The prophet Isaiah set forth God's challenge to His wayward people Israel when he proclaimed: ''Comenow, and let us REASON together,' says the...
  • THEY'RE BAAAAACK!: The American Atheists' Christmas Billboard 2013

    'Come now, and let us REASON together,' says the LORD The atheists want us to celebrate REASON this season. The prophet Isaiah set forth God's challenge to His wayward people Israel when he proclaimed: ''Come now, and let us REASON together,' says the...
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  • Mary's Magnificat: The Mercy of God

    because, as she states in the next stanza, the Lord is holy (Luke 1: 49). Perhaps Mary recalled the words of the prophet Isaiah when he saw the Lord, high and lifted up, and heard the seraphim say, “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of Host; the whole earth...
  • Jesus Christ on The Inerrancy of Scripture

    Jacob (Lk 13:28) John 6:31, 49, 58-Manna John 3:14-Serpent Matthew 12:39-41-Jonah (v. 42-Sheba) Matthew 24:15-Daniel and Isaiah A Sixth Century mosaic of Jesus at the Church San Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy. Jesus knew the Old Testament Scriptures...
  • Evidence for Inerrancy from a Second Unexpected Source: The Jubilee and Sabbatical Cycles

    the Hebrew word deror, meaning liberty or freedom. Deror implies more than just a release from financial obligations. In Isaiah 61:1 it refers to freedom for those taken captive. In Jeremiah 34:8 it refers to liberty or emancipation granted to...
  • The Master Potter: Pottery Making in the Bible

    prepared the clay by kneading it with his feet. Ancient tomb scenes from Egypt show clay beingprepared in this fashion. In Isaiah 41:25, where God is telling of His great power, He alludes to this process: I roused one from the north, and he obeyed; I...
  • The Blessing of the Silver Scrolls

    life of the people of Israel' (ibid., 68). This image of Godas the restorer of Israel as a nation has a direct parallel in Isaiah 1:26, where God speaks to apostate Jerusalem: 'I will restore your judges as in the days of old, your counselors as at the...
  • Abortion and the Ancient Practice of Child Sacrifice

    however, that the worship of Molech not only involved child sacrifice but the pagan custom of cultic prostitution. In Isaiah 57:9, "Molech" (mlk inHebrew. It must be remembered that vowel notation was a later addition by Masorete scholars to the...
  • The Physical Resurrection a Historical Fact: Part Two

    remnant will receive a bodily resurrection, which depicts “a judgment scene reminiscent” of Daniel 7:13; 12:2; and Isaiah 52–53.83 And the righteous and elect shall be saved on that day, and they shall never thenceforward see the face of the sinners and...

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