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  • An Army of Straw Men: Responding to Ronald Hendel

    fideism, [1] and the continued irrational acceptance of the general tenets and anti-supernatural assumptions of the JEDP hypothesis. The spirit of this age has often caused the body of Christ to cower in a corner in false piety as the humanists destroy...
  • jedp
  • The Ash Heap of History

    Abbey is a fitting representation of the awful compromise of the church on the issue of origins. Wellhausen introduced the JEDP hypothesis, denying the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch. Many seminaries followed him as if he were the Pied Piper of...
  • Monumental Misconceptions

    any of this. This claim is rooted, in part, in the acceptance of the highly subjective and erroneous Documentary Hypothesis (JEDP). Archaeology has blown away this theory, discussed in detail here by Dr. Clyde Billington: The Curious History of the...
  • United Methodist Seminary Goes 'Multi-Faith'

    dogma. The roots causes can most often be traced to the blind acceptance of Darwinism and various versions of the JEDP hypothesis. Claremont Seminary was founded in 1885 as a Methodist seminary. In the 20th century it followed most other Mainline...
  • Digging Into the Documents and the Attempted Hijacking of Paradise

    career. He was one of the most significant figures in destroying faith in the integrity of the Scriptures with his infamous JEDP hypothesis, which claimed the writings of Moses were really drawn from multiple authors at different times. Although...
  • From What Did Moses Compose Genesis?

    as a sort of religious 'opiate'to pull the people together in the name of Moses. This theory is commonly known as the 'JEDP Theory.'Many sharp minds both in Europe and the U.S. have devoted their lives developing the system and have written whole...
  • The Tablet Theory of Genesis Authorship

    Many pastors, writers, and even seminary professors rely on the 'JEDP Documentary Hypothesis' to explain how the book of Genesis was originally written. This concept says that for many centuries the stories were passed down orally, usually with...
  • Historical Narrative and Truth in the Bible

    a detailed literary analysis of Gen 37:18– 30 (the selling of Joseph to the Midianites) and interacts with the traditional JEDP breakdown, concluding, “on the basis of plot and discourse, the present text is a unified product. . . . Whatever the sources...
  • Mount Sinai is NOT Jebel al-Lawz in Saudi Arabia

    that one of the reasons Cross and “Continental scholars” hold to this view is their adherence to the Documentary Hypothesis (JEDP). See Cross 1998:53-70. I also have a letter from Prof. Cross, which states his rejection of the evidence of the proponents...
  • The Place of Textual Updating in an Inerrant View of Scripture: Part Three

    but only in vain” (Geisler and Nix, 251, n. 32). In point of fact, Unger’s negative comments are directed toward the JEDP theory (Unger, Introductory Guide 231–32), and the suggestion that Unger flatly rejected the notion of inspired editorial activity...

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