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  • From Ramesses to Shiloh: Archaeological Discoveries Bearing on the Exodus-Judges Period

    Attempts to correlate the findings of archaeology with the biblical record for the period under review have seemingly met with insurmountable ob­stacles. Much of the scholarly community today has despaired of making any valid connections and has...
  • Book Review: The Genesis Creation Account and Its Reverberations in the Old Testament

    understood without knowledge of the surrounding ANE cultural environment. The chief promoter of this viewpoint has been John Walton, but there are many others who insist that ANE mythology is the hermeneutical key to understanding thesefoundational...
  • Christians in the Public Square: How Far Should Evangelicals Go in the Creation-Evolution Debate?

    Why is it an “idle effort” simply to understand that by evening and morning we are dealing with a normal, 24-hour day? John Walton’s discussion is verbose and confusing. He finally states: If we pressthe question, did God really carry out the events of...
  • The Influence of the Ancient Near East on the Book of Genesis

    John 2008 “Does Genesis 1 describe the creation of things or the assignment of functions to things? A Response to John Walton.” Ancient Hebrew Poetry, , May 2...
  • The Genesis 5 and 11 Genealogy and Chronology Research Project

    5 and 11 (and now, even Abraham’s numbers) has been beyond the reach of God’s people until modern scholars (such as John Walton) came along to reveal the truth to us. This hermeneutical “key” to the numbers in Genesis 5 and 11 is not derived from...
  • A Theology Of The Fall In Genesis 3 And The Ancient Near East

    and make his own way on life. God provides for man everything that is needed to survive both spiritually and physically. John Walton sums up this whole discussion very well: In Mesopotamia the cosmos functions for the gods and in relation to them....
  • The Seraiah Assumption and the Decree of Daniel 9:25

    from the end of the Babylonian exile into the time of Ezra and Nehemiah. The following dates were drawn largely from John Walton, Chronological Charts of the Old Testament (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1978, p. 72), with some dates modified in the light of...
  • Cultural Change and the Confusion of Language in Ancient Sumer

    Mesopotamia, literally 'the land between the rivers' was the home of many peoples familiar to us from general ancient history and the Old Testament, such as the Assyrians and Babylonians. Before these peoples a group known as the Sumerians, the...
  • The Rise and Fall of the 13th Century Exodus-Conquest Theory

    The 13th century exodus-conquest theory was formulated by William F. Albright in the 1930s, based largely on Palestinian archaeological evidence, and promoted by him throughout his career.1 In the years following Albright’s death in 1971, however,...
  • Locating Sodom: A Critique of the Northern Proposal

    Steven Collins maintains that Tall el-Hammam, ca. 8 mi (13 km) northeast of the Dead Sea, should be identified as Sodom based on four criteria: geography, chronology, stratigraphy and architecture (2007). We will examine his arguments in each of those...
  • Is there evidence for the Tower of Babel?

    Read the story of the Tower of Babel. It is this southern Mesopotamian backdrop that provides the basis for studying the account in light of what is known of the culture and history of Mesopotamia. One of the immediate results of that perspective is...
  • Is there Archaeological Evidence for the Tower of Babel?

    It is the southern Mesopotamian backdrop that provides the basis for studying the account in light of what is known of the culture and history of Mesopotamia. One of the immediate results of that perspective is firm conviction that the tower that...
  • Joshua's 'Long Day' and Mesopotamian Celestial Omen Texts

    Joshua, Omens and the Amorites A much more plausible explanation for the so-called 'missing day' has been offered by John Walton, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College. Traditionally, Joshua's request for the sun to stand still (Jos 10:12) has...

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