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  • The Jordan River Valley, the Jordan River and the Jungle of the Jordan

    Spending a month excavating in the Jordan Valley at Tall el-Hammam last winter caused me to rethink some of what I thought I knew about the region. I decided a better understanding of the geology, geography and ecology of the area would help me better...
  • jordan rift valley
  • Did the Israelites Conquer Jericho? A New Look at the Archaeological Evidence

    The story of the Israelite conquest of Jericho (Joshua 2-6) is one of the best known and best loved in the entire Bible. The vivid description of faith and victory has been a source of inspiration for countless generations of Bible readers. But did it...
  • The Discovery of the Sin Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

    When the archaeological, geographical and epigraphic evidence is reviewed in detail, it is clear that the infamous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah have now been found. What is more, this evidence demonstrates that the Bible provides an accurate eyewitness...
  • The Temple of Caesar Augustus at Caesarea Philippi

    plan with 26 columns surrounding the temple. This temple went out of use in AD 363 when an earthquake struck the Jordan Rift Valley. One of the excavators at Banias, John Wilson, tentatively supports the identification of the Omrit temple as being the...
  • Earthquakes on the Increase? Or Warning of Judgment to come?

    for this earthquake is the Jordanian site of Deir ‘Alla. This site is situated about two-thirds of the way down the Jordan Rift Valley between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. This site also had walls tilting to the south and east as well as...
  • Revisiting the Peleg Event

    a local earthquake, much less a feat of human engineering like a canal. Possibly it referred to the opening up of the Jordan Rift Valley, which carries the Jordan River from Galilee to the Dead Sea, and connects with the Great Rift Valley that continues...
  • John the Baptist: the First Believer in Christ to be Martyred

    Three early martyrdoms are recorded in the New Testament: John the Baptist in ca. AD 31, Stephen in ca. AD 35 and James the apostle in ca. AD 44. There would be countless others that would follow in their train. In this article I would like to briefly...

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