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  • From Adam to Abraham: An Update on the Genesis 5 and 11 Research Project: Dec 16, 2017

    of the biblical texts in the proto-MT textual tradition. We will also examine the antediluvianchronology in the Book of Jubilees , its close affinities with Genesis 5 in the Samaritan Pentateuch, and then propose how (many of) the figures in Genesis 5...
  • A Critical Analysis of the Evidence from Ralph Hawkins for a Late-Date Exodus-Conquest

    have been based on historical remembrance, not rabbinic calculation. By correctly dating these sixteenth and seventeenth Jubilees, it is evident that a calendar of Jubilee and Sabbatical years can be constructed that extends over all the time that...
  • Setting the Record Straight on the Primeval Chronology of the Septuagint (Part 4)

    divide the numbers by a factor of ten. The evidence from this general period found in the writings of Demetrius (220 BC), Jubilees (160 BC), 97 Eupolemus (160 BC), LAB (1 st century AD), Josephus ( ca . AD 90), and the author of DSS 4Q 252 ( ca . 50 BC)...
  • Evidence for Inerrancy from a Second Unexpected Source: The Jubilee and Sabbatical Cycles

    have taken effect at the beginning of a Sabbatical year (Whiston 1737/1964: 703; Gordon 1953: 81; Sarna 1973: 144–45). Jubilees After the verses related to the Sabbatical year, chapter 25 of Leviticus introduces the Jubilee, as follows: The LORD said to...
  • Setting the Record Straight on the Primeval Chronology of the Septuagint (Part 2)

    on (messianic) chronology, and in particular, the negative influence of the artificial chronology found in the Book of Jubilees . In detail, I argue that the matching, lower begetting ages in the SP and MT of Genesis 5 originated not from a Hebrew text,...
  • A Report on the Genesis 5 and 11 Research Project: Updated July 27, 2018

    formulation denotes “the MT’s complete primeval timeline.” This is to account for the artificially created chronology of Jubilees in Genesis 5, which is echoed in the Samaritan Pentateuch and partially found in the MT. I propose that the shorter...
  • The Rise and Fall of the 13th Century Exodus-Conquest Theory

    the Lord.” Working back from Solomon’s fourth year, ca. 966 BC,20 brings us to ca. 1446 BC for the date of the exodus. The Jubilees data support an exodus date of 1446 BC as well.21 In addition, Judg 11:26 argues for a 15th century exodus-conquest. In...
  • The Biblical Date for the Exodus is 1446 BC: A Response to James Hoffmeier

    number,[60] the fact that 1 Chr 6:33–37 demonstrates that there were 19 generations between Moses and Solomon not 12, the Jubilees data from the Talmud which places the beginning of the conquest at 1406 BC,[61] the lack of archaeological data to support...
  • New Find: Jerusalem's Oldest Hebrew Inscription

    C. (2003) When Did Solomon Die? Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 46/4: 589–603. ——— (2006) The Talmud’s Two Jubilees and their Relevance to the Date of the Exodus. Westminster Theological Journal 68: 71–83. Footnotes: 1. These are the...
  • Setting the Record Straight on the Primeval Chronology of the Septuagint (Part 1)

    of Sabbatical Cycles,” Hebrew Union College Annual 46 (1975): 201–18; Idem., “The Date of the Eschaton in the Book of Jubilees: A Commentary on Jub. 49:22-50:5, CD 1:1-10, and 16:2-3,” Hebrew Union College Annual 56 (1985): 87–101. 8 Wacholder,...
  • Who Was Born When Enosh Was 90?: A Semantic Reevaluation of William Henry Green's Chronological Gaps

    Jewish historians Demetrius (ca. 200 BC), Eupolemus (ca. 160 BC), and Josephus (ca. AD 93), as well as the authors of Jubilees (ca. 150 BC) and Seder Olam Rabbah (ca. AD 150), used the genealogies for chronological computation. 4 Several early and...
  • The Dating of Hazor's Destruction in Joshua 11 Via Biblical, Archaeological, and Epigraphical Evidence

    development of the argument that the jubilee cycles support a date of 1446 BC for the exodus, see idem, "The Talmud's Two Jubilees and their Relevance to the Date of the Exodus," WTJ 68 (2006) 71-83; idem, "Ezekiel 40:1 As a Corrective for Seven Wrong...

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