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  • The Bible According to Karnak

    The Bible indicates that many important Biblical characters spent time in Egypt: Abraham (Gn 12:10–13:1, Jacob (Gn 46–50), Joseph (Gn 39–50), Moses (Ex 2–12), Joshua, (Nm 14:26–30), Jeremiah (Jer 43:6–8) and even baby Jesus (Mt 2:14–21). Trade routes...
  • karnak stela
  • Amenhotep II and the Historicity of the Exodus Pharaoh

    The Evidence from the Memphis Stele. Two sources record multiple Asiatic campaigns under Amenhotep II: the Memphis and Karnak Stelae, which are partially duplicates in content. Both stelae are attributable to this pharaoh with confidence, as they begin...
  • Amenhotep II as Pharaoh of the Exodus

    the Exodus who died in the Reed Sea and the second, buried here, took his place and used the same name. The Memphis and Karnak Stelae of Years 7 and 9 The only dated inscription from the reign of Amenhotep II which dates between the military campaigns...
  • King Solomon in His Ancient Context

    The Solomon Narrative describes a greater range of material culture than other parts of Kings. It therefore allows greater possibility for assessment in the context of the ancient world: can the creations attributed to Solomon's craftsmen be set...
  • The Dating of Hazor's Destruction in Joshua 11 Via Biblical, Archaeological, and Epigraphical Evidence

    A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian (Oxford: Griffith Institute, 1981), 89. 37. James K. Hoffmeier, "The Memphis and Karnak Stelae of Amenhotep II," in The Context of Scripture III: Monumental Inscriptions from the Biblical World, ed. William W....
  • The Joseph Narrative (Genesis 37, 39-50)

    Egyptian pharaohs brought many captives from Canaan into Egypt, to be employed in state and temple servitude, some passing into private hands as slaves; Canaanite merchants also visited Egypt... This article was published in the Winter 2003 issue of...
  • David Rohl's Revised Egyptian Chronology: A View From Palestine

    David Rohl purports to have produced a better correlation between the findings of archaeology and the Bible by revising Egyptian chronology. Rohl, however, cannot so easily be brushed aside... This article was first published in the Summer 2001 issue...
  • The United Monarchy Under David and Solomon

    During the past half century, many in the academic world have come to discount the historical basis for most of the Bible's early characters. You can pretty much throw away the first six books of your Bible and not really miss a thing! This article was...
  • Historical Synchronisms and the Date of the Exodus

    For those that hold a high view of Scripture and believe the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt actually happened, there are two major positions today regarding when that event occurred... This article was first published in the Spring 2004 issue of Bible Spade....
  • The Tel Dan Stela and the Kings of Aram and Israel

    A people known as the Arameans lived in the regions of Syria and Mesopotamia in antiquity. They were a large group of linguistically related peoples who spoke dialects of a West Semitic language known as Aramaic. Although not politically unified, they...

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