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  • The Blessing of the Silver Scrolls

    Yahweh cause his face to Shine upon you and grant you Peace (Coogan 1995: 45). Commented the late archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon: This is now the earliest occurrence of a Biblical text in an extra-Biblical document, significantly predating the earliest...
  • Testing the Factuality of the Conquest of Ai Narrative in the Book of Joshua: Part Two

    The excavation of Bethel. In Kelso, J.L. (Ed.), Annual of American Schools of Oriental Research, Vol. XXXIX, Cambridge. Kenyon, K. M. 1957 Digging Up Jericho. London. Kenyon, K. M. 1960 Archaeology in the Holy Land. London: Benn. Kitchen, K. A. 1992...
  • David Rohl's Revised Egyptian Chronology: A View From Palestine

    was destroyed part way through the MB IIB period (311). This cannot be, however, because there are late MB IIB, MB IIC (Kenyon 1993: 680; Bienkowski 1989: 172-74) and LB I (Wood 1990) phases of the Bronze Age city as attested by the pottery. Similarly,...
  • Please Help Support the Ministry of Dr. Bryant Wood

    the interpretation of archaeological data. A good example of the impact Bryant has had is his research on Jericho. Kathleen Kenyon, who excavated the site in the 1950s, said Jericho didn't exist at the time of the Israelite conquest because it had been...
  • Location of Biblical Bethel and Ai Reconsidered

    the conquest by destruction levels found all over Palestine.) Hazor has evidence for both early and late dates.[4] Kathleen Kenyon’s excavations at Jericho are indecisive respecting the Conquest, while John Garstang, on the basis of his own findings,...
  • Monumental Misconceptions

    founded, in part, by David Livingston to counter this claim. Dr. Bryant Wood has extensively refuted the claims of Kathleen Kenyon concerning Jericho. I would refer you to this excellent video, Jericho Unearthed, that outlines the evidence and shows,...
  • The Generations of Genesis

    generally in Palestine. If so, we have some guidance on the burial customs of the Biblical patriarchs at Machpelah. Cf. K. Kenyon, "Palestine in the Middle Bronze Age," Cambridge Ancient History, 3rd Edition; Edited by I. Edwards, C. Gadd, N. Hammond,...
  • Recent Research on the Date and Setting of the Exodus

    Israelites supposedly conquered it, and the story explains how it became one. Jericho [according to the dating of Kathleen Kenyon] also was unwalled at the time of the supposed conquest. It had once stood as one of the world’s oldest cities and a symbol...
  • Israel's Origins

    states we should expect burn levels at only three sites: Jericho, Ai, and Hazor (Joshua 6:4; 8:28; 11:13). At Jericho, Kenyon misread local wares from LB I and thus dated the Israelite destruction there too early, with respect to the 'late date' held by...
  • Biblical Archaeology in 2013

    late in life, and without extensive excavation experience. Therefore he sought out experts in the field such as Kathleen Kenyon and G. Ernst Wright. However, in the process of acquiring more sophisticated techniques like the Wheeler-Kenyon method in his...
  • Biblical Archaeology in 2011: Marching On

    by Wood and others. All attempts by evangelicals to interpret the data (at Jericho, Ai, and Hazor) differently than Kenyon and others are reduced to 'tactics,' all of whichfail on the level of presupposition-failing to see the text as a theological and...
  • Researching Ai

    evidence, not the biblical record. As I have discussed in several articles, the difficulty with Jericho is that Kathleen Kenyon was wrong in her dating of the destruction level. With regard to Ai, the dilemma arises from the fact that the site has been...
  • The Dating of Hazor's Destruction in Joshua 11 Via Biblical, Archaeological, and Epigraphical Evidence

    fully anticipated an attack from an outside enemy. 48. Two of Jericho's excavators, John Garstang (1930-1936) and Kathleen Kenyon (1952-1958), found that City IV-the Jericho of Joshua's day-was amplysupplied with grain, indicating that the harvest was...

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