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  • The Genesis Flood: An Interpretive Key to the Past

    Excerpt For centuries, the Biblical Flood described in chapters 6–8 in the book of Genesis was considered global, cataclysmic and historical. Since the late 18th century, however, the historicity of the Flood has come under constant attack, and is now...
  • Rocking the Boat, Part Two: The Hydrological Model of the Flood

    afterward was restored. That the waters were different during the Flood is signified by the different word used in Hebrew, mabbul. God promised to never again send a mabbul to cover the earth. He was not talking about the tehom in Genesis 7–8, and in...
  • Genesis and Ancient Near Eastern Stories of Creation and Flood: Part IV

    Excerpt Many suggestions for a unifying theme of Genesis 1–11 as a whole... This article was first published in a 4 part series, starting in the Winter 1996 issue of Bible and Spade. Literary Theme. Many suggestions for a unifying theme of Genesis 1-11...
  • Of Peleg and Pangaea

    it quite safe to say that the universal Flood - which the Bible exclusively designates with the Hebrew and Greek words mabbul and kataklusmos respectively, unique terms never used for local floods - overtook a single super-continent. Extending this, we...
  • Creation or the Flood? A Study of Several Passages of Scripture

    never used elsewhere to describe the waters of the Flood. The Flood is always referred to by either its unique Hebrew term, mabbul, or by the context-defined generic term mayim, “waters.” There are no clear uses of tĕhowm, “the deep,” where it applies...

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