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  • Madaba Map Depiction Confirmed in Recent Discovery

    Archaeological excavation in the heart of the Old City confirms the description on the Madaba Map and reveals Jerusalem's main road from the Byzantine period for the first time. beyond...
  • madaba map
  • Madaba
  • Tall el-Hammam 2008: A Personal Perspective

    (perhaps Livias extanded all the way from Tall el-Hammam to Tall Rama). The Byzantine Period: The Tall el-Hammam of the Madaba Map The 6th century Byzantine Madaba Map shows two cities northeast of the Dead Sea whose inscriptions have been lost....
  • Mesha, King of Moab

    with its frontier towns, including Baal Meon (25:9). It is thought to be located at Kh. Ma'in, 5 mi southwest of modern Madaba, which has not been excavated. Toward the end of the inscription, Baal Meon is mentioned again when Mesha records: And I...
  • Locating Biblical Bethel

    of the city of Jerusalem (“Aelia”) in the 6th century AD., part of a larger map of the Holy Land in St. George’s church in Madaba, Jordan. Notice the single tall black column on the left, standing in the plaza of the Damascus Gate, the city’s northern...
  • The Discovery of the Sin Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

    the Middle Ages (Schaub 1997b: 63; Astour 1992; Howard 1988b). (4) The most important source for locating the site is the Madaba map, a mosaic map on the floor of a church Bab edh-Dhra—view east along the south wall. Note the proximity of the mountain...
  • Locating Sodom: A Critique of the Northern Proposal

    and Eusebius (2003: 58 [The Sea of Salt]; early fourth century) state that Zoar was south of the Dead Sea, and the famous Madaba Map (sixth century) places Zoar and the Sanctuary of St. Lot south of the Dead Sea (Donner 1992: 42). The Sanctuary of St....
  • Preview of the Summer 2013 Issue of Bible and Spade

    Make the Bible and Idol?' Gary Byers shares both the Value of Archaeology in His Faith Walk and insights pertaining to the Madaba Map . Murray Hiebert shares the story of Millar Bible College at the 2012 Hazor Excavations, and the Riddle of the Sphinx....
  • The Jordan River Valley, the Jordan River and the Jungle of the Jordan

    how the ancients crossed the river, although they may have utilized boat and rope ferries as seen on the sixth century AD Madaba Map in this very area. Such ferries are a common sight crossing canals in Egypt still today. But the Jordan's swiftness may...
  • CSI Hammam: The Fifth Season of Investigating a Biblical City

    (Julias), the capital of King Herod Antipas'Perea. Finally, Tall el-Hammam may be one of the unnamed sites on the famous Madaba map. Admittedly, this one site fitting every one of these identifications seems unlikely, but it must be considered as a...
  • Date Palms: Not In My Back Yard!?!? Or, Maybe...

    palm trees. This 6th century AD pilgrim's map of the Holy Land served as the mosaic floor of an ancient Byzantine church in Madaba, Jordan. Preserved today in the floor of Saint George Greek Orthodox Church, the Jordan River is seen flowing from left...

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