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  • The Rise and Fall of the 13th Century Exodus-Conquest Theory

    The 13th century exodus-conquest theory was formulated by William F. Albright in the 1930s, based largely on Palestinian archaeological evidence, and promoted by him throughout his career.1 In the years following Albright’s death in 1971, however,...
  • New Evidence Supporting the Early (Biblical) Date of the Exodus and Conquest

    Evangelical scholars are divided as to when the Exodus-Conquest events took place. The Berlin Topographical Statue Base Relief The chronological data in the Bible, however, clearly indicates that these events transpired in the 15th century BC, the...
  • The Biblical Date for the Exodus is 1446 BC: A Response to James Hoffmeier

    The date of the Biblical Exodus-Conquest is clear. 1 Kgs 6:1 and 1 Chr 6:33 In his introductory remarks in his response to my article critiquing the 13th century dating of the Biblical Exodus,1 James Hoffmeier states, “It seemed trivial [in his book...
  • Extra-Biblical Evidence for the Conquest

    One of the challenges facing those who hold to a historical Conquest as presented in the book of Joshua is that there is alleged to be no other documentation for this event outside the Bible... This article was first published in the Fall 2005 issue of...
  • Archaeology and the Bible

    ABR Director of Development Henry Smith appears on the 'Mark Daniels Show' from WFIL AM 560 in Philadelphia. Subjects of this interview include: Egyptian Inscription mentioning Israel , the ABR Dig at Khirbet el-Maqatir, Child Sacrifice and Abortion,...
  • The Name Yahweh in Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts

    C. Astour, Yahweh in Egyptian Topographic Lists in Festschrift Elmar Edel in Agypten und Altes Testament, edited by Manfred Gorg (Bamberg, Germany, 1979. pp. 17-19. Astour points out in this article that there is athird likely use of the name Yahweh in...

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