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  • Marduk
  • Genesis and Ancient Near Eastern Stories of Creation and Flood: An Introduction Part I

    background in the ancient Babylonian goddess Tiamat of the “creation” myth “Enuma elish,” in which the storm-god Marduk fights with and wins over the sea dragon Tiamat, establishing the cosmos.10 I have thoroughly reexamined the problem from a...
  • The Prophets' Knowledge of Contemporary Idolatry

    these texts reveals that Isaiah and other Old Testament prophets actually got it exactly right. A dragon, sacred animal of Marduk, patron deity of Babylon. In the 12th century BC Marduk was viewed as the supreme cosmic ruler of the earth. The...
  • The Ongoing Saga of the Cyrus Cylinder: The Internationally-Famous Grande Dame of Ancient Texts

    what a story she had to tell! The most important section of her text, from a biblical perspective, is lines 28–35: At his {Marduk’s} exalted command, all kings who sit on thrones, from every quarter, from the Upper Sea {Mediterranean} to the Lower Sea...
  • Babylon Revisited: Isaiah 21

    the gods, joyfully I entered, in gladness of heart, and with a beaming countenance. I grasped the hand(s) of the great lord Marduk, and made pilgrimage (lit., completed the march) to the ‘House of the New Year’s Feast’” (ARAB 2:35). Hardly the way...
  • Making Sense of the Days of Peleg

    the Peleg event as a division of the earth. The mythologies of warfare in the heavens found all over the world (Tiamat and Marduk, etc.), must be ascribed to post-Flood times. These stories could not have been passed down by the Noah and his family, who...
  • Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6?

    the natural wickedness of humanity, created from the blood of the evil godKingu; it also justified the exorbitant power of Marduk (1966: 96). Early man was not unintelligent. But, without God he was unscrupulous. The leaders may not have believed their...
  • Rocking the Boat, Part Two: The Hydrological Model of the Flood

    of their layering was not disrupted.) The ancients recorded this event in their myths of warfare in the heavens (Tiamat and Marduk, etc.). Egypt, deep in the interior of essentially undisturbed Africa (Eurasia likewise was moved but little), came out of...

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