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  • Nahum, Nineveh and Those Nasty Assyrians

    The prophet Nahum predicts the fall of Nineveh in the mid-7th century BC, several decades before the city actually fell in 612 BC. When he prophesied, the Neo-Assyria Empire was at the height of its power... This article was first published in the Fall...
  • Nahum and Nineveh

    The prophet Nahum predicts the fall of Nineveh in the mid-7th century BC, several decades before the city actually fell in 612 BC. When he prophesied, the Neo-Assyria Empire was at the height of its power... This article was first published in the...
  • nahum
  • Book Review: The Genesis Creation Account and Its Reverberations in the Old Testament

    disorder brought upon the creation itself through God’s curse in response to Adam’s rebellion. In the case of Jonah and Nahum, judgment is directed towards Assyria. Jonah himself sinks into the abyss into darkness, a form of human decreation (p. 269)....
  • A Critical Analysis of the Evidence from Ralph Hawkins for a Late-Date Exodus-Conquest

    timespan to insert in 1 Kgs 6:1 is not explained by Burney. Hawkins, however, provides a reason, as given earlier by Nahum Sarna. Sarna suggests, “the biblical writer [of 1 Kgs 6:1] wanted to place the Temple at the center of biblical history” (Nahum M....
  • Dead Sea scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times

    Moses' inDeuteronomy, Isaiah, Psalms, Paleo-Leviticus, and Minor Prophets in Greek. There are also parts of the Isaiah and Nahum commentaries and the Targum of Job. Only ten scrolls are displayed at one time. Half way through the exhibition the other...
  • Text and Tell: The Excavations at Bethsaida

    Petrea. Vol. 3. New York: Arno. Schumacher, G. 1888 The Julian. London: Richard Bentley and Son. Stepansky, Yosi 1992 Kefar Nahum Map Survey. Excavations and Surveys in Israel 1991 10: 87-90. Strange, J. 1982 Survey of Lower Galilee, 1982. Israel...
  • The Wealth and Power of the Biblical Patriarchs

    Nomads Settle: Processes of Sedentarization as Adaptation and Response, ed. Philip C. Salzman. New York: Praeger. Sarna, Nahum M. 1966 Understanding Genesis. New York: McGraw-Hill. Speiser, Ephraim A. 1964 Genesis. Garden City NY: Doubleday. Teka,...
  • Three Woes!

    through various archaeological and literary sources. Traditions indicate that this was the birthplace of the prophet Nahum, hence the name. Capernaum served as Jesus' home in the Galilee, although he did not own his own property (Mt 4:13-14; 8:20). The...
  • For Dust Thou Art and Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return

    people of Samaria were very self-confident and boasted about something of which they would not be able to follow through. Nahum warned the mighty Assyrian capital of Nineveh that they should expect a siege from the Babylonians. He told them they should...
  • Evidence for Inerrancy from a Second Unexpected Source: The Jubilee and Sabbatical Cycles

    in a non-Sabbatical year. It is of some interest, however, that William Whiston in the 18th century and Cyrus Gordon and Nahum Sarna in the 20th century thought that Zedekiah’s proclamation of a release would have taken effect at the beginning of a...
  • The Blessing of the Silver Scrolls

    as well as with later Aramaic and Hebrew incantation texts, and with several Old Testament passages, such as Isaiah 17:13, Nahum 1:4 and Psalms 18:16; 106:9. It also appears in Zechariah 3:2, in which God is shown as the rebuker of Evil...
  • Iraq and the Bible

    were soon back to their cruel practices and God ultimately brought the empire to an end, as predicted by the prophets Nahum and Zephaniah. Nineveh was most famous as the capital city of Sennacherib, the greatest of the Neo-Assyrian kings. Portions of...
  • The Place of Textual Updating in an Inerrant View of Scripture: Part Three

    he allows for a later editor collecting and organizing the messages of Micah (Kenneth L. Barker and Waylon Bailey, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah [Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 1998] 31). 95. A. MacRae, “A Response to Historical Grammatical...
  • The Crumbling of Creation: The Cause of the Earth's Decay and God's Glorious Cure

    the day of the Lord. In Amos 4:6-12 God says that He withheld rain and sent plagues on the land in order to chasten Israel. Nahum 1:4-5 speaks of the Lord drying up the seas and the rivers and Bashan, Carmel, and Lebanon. In Zephaniah 1:1-3, the Lord...

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