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  • NT Canon
  • The Red Sea in the NT

    The voice of the Tanach, the Hebrew OT, is simple and clear—the Israelites crossed the yam suph . Yam is “sea,” suph 1 is “reeds”; together, they mean “Sea of Reeds.” This article was first published in the Winter 2008 issue of Bible and Spade. Israel...
  • Bible and Spade Sneak Preview: Summer 2011

    Can we trust the Apostles? Can we trust Jesus? The answer to all four is a resounding 'YES'! 3. Turning the Cannons on NT Canon Criticisms by ABR Director of Development, Henry Smith. This article is the first in a series dealing with the issue of NT...
  • Brief Reflections on the So-Called 'Jesus Wife' Fragment

    and preservation of New Testament texts. This includes having a basic understanding of the theology and development of the NT canon, and having resources at your fingertips to answer questions posed by friends, family members, and work colleagues who...
  • The Physical Resurrection a Historical Fact: Part One

    Dr. Rene' Lopez, author of the book, The Jesus Family Tomb Examined: Did Jesus Rise Physically?, has graciously granted permission to ABR to publish Chapter 10 of this important and well-researched book. This is the first part of a three part online...
  • Inspiration: The Oracles of God

    is to receive it. As the NT writers were about their work, Peter referred to the writing as Scripture (2 Pt 3:16), so a NT canon should be expected, directed still by that same infallibly inspiring Holy Spirit. As the book of Revelation was delivered...
  • The Curious History of the 'Editor' in Biblical Criticism

    theories have a very poor track record when it comes to being right. Van Seters, in dealing with the development of the NT canon and the process of canonization by the Church, makes some highly questionable statements. For example, he states that at...
  • Historical Narrative and Truth in the Bible

    We must work with the literary as well as the historical dimensions of Biblical narrative. They cannot be separated into isolated compartments. Webster’s defines truth as “the property (as of a statement) of being in accord with fact or reality.” With...
  • Jesus Christ on The Inerrancy of Scripture

    There is considerable debate these days concerning the Inerrancy of Scripture. The authority of God's Word is the main issue. But, if one yields to the authority of Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach), he must, in turn, yield to Christ's view of Scripture...
  • The Duration of the Israelite Sojourn In Egypt

    There has been a division among scholars as to whether the sojourn of the Israelites in Egypt was 215 (or 210) years long, or 430 years long. Although, along with Genesis 15:13-21, Exodus 12:40 is our primary source, evidences other than the variants...
  • The Place of Textual Updating in an Inerrant View of Scripture: Part One

    history a number of written works-22 or 24 according to the Jewish canon and 39 books according to the Protestant canon-gained canonical status. II. Some Unique Features of the OT Canon Unlike the NT books which were composed and compiled over...
  • The Place of Textual Updating in an Inerrant View of Scripture: Part Three

    INERRANCY, INSPIRATION AND THE OT CANON: THE PLACE OF TEXTUAL UPDATING IN AN INERRANT VIEW OF SCRIPTURE. In part one of this article, Dr. Grisanti spelled out some of the foundational definitions and conceptions of inspiration and canonicity. In part...

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