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  • The King and I: Exiled To Patmos, Part 2

    in a series on the Book of Revelation, this article examines the physical and historical evidence for the Aegean island of Patmos. The author draws from both ancient sources and his own exploration of the island to provide a greater understanding of the...
  • patmos
  • The King and I: Opening The Third Seal, Part 3

    price, due to a shortage of grain. Yet, he is not to touch the oil and wine. A recent visit by the author to the island of Patmos, in combination with an unusual weather pattern and an upcoming Jewish holiday, triggered the 'obvious' interpretation of...
  • The King and I: The Apostle John and Emperor Domitian, Part 1

    be well’“ (Rolfe 1992: 385). Emperor Domitian died soon after and all was well! The Apostle John, exiled to the island of Patmos about AD 95, received a more sure word of prophecy. Not from a raven or Apollo, but from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The...
  • The Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Part 2

    bear witness in Rome (Acts 23:11). The final resurrection appearance was to the apostle John when he was on the island of Patmos. John describes the resurrected, glorified Jesus in all of his glory in Revelation 1:12-20. A CRITIQUE OF EXPLANATIONS FOR...

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