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  • Tophet
  • Genocide in Canaan? Part II

    as an archaeologist at Carthage: The most significant part of the American excavations [at Carthage] occurred in the Tophet. The word Tophet comes from the Old Testament (e.g., 2 Kgs 23:10; Jer 7:30–32), referring to a place of child sacrifice and...
  • Tanit in the Mirror: The Worship of Self and the Slaughter of Children

    a number of powerful articles that address the issue of child-sacrifice in the ancient day, focusing primarily on the tophet at Carthage. Henry Smith and our friends at Artifax magazine untangle attempts by certain scholars to reinterpret the tophet at...
  • Abortion and the Ancient Practice of Child Sacrifice

    to the goddess Tanit at Carthage. Archaeologists have discovered upwards of 20,000 burial urns at the Carthaginian Tophet, which contain the incinerated remains of children sacrificed to Tanit and her consort, Ba'al Hammon. The Carthaganians came from...
  • Child Sacrifice and Abortion: A Preview of the Winter 2012 issue of Bible and Spade

    Humber makes the obvious philosophical connection between evolution and abortion. Dr. John Currid excavated at the infamous tophet in Carthage, and shares some of his insights from that powerful experience. My ownarticle, Redeeming the Carthaginians?,...

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