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  • Did the BASE Institute Discover Noah's Ark in Iran?

    wrong conclusions. 1) The Mount Suleiman proposed by the BASE researchers is not within the Biblical “mountains of Ararat” (Urartu) and nowhere near it so it cannot be where Noah’s Ark landed. 2) None of the ancient historians and authors, such as...
  • A Review of: 'The Search for Noah's Ark'

    main assumptions: • The veracity of the Ed Davis testimony as to the location of the Ark • The region (country) of Ararat (Urartu) extended into the central Elburz mountain range in Iran • An interpretation of Genesis 11:2 would mean that the Ark landed...
  • Noah's Ark in Iran?

    consideration also makes it unlikely that an increasing population would have stayed totally sedentary in the mountains of Urartu for very long, but would have gravitated toward a ready source of flowing water, such as the Araxes. 6. A city named...
  • urartu
  • Unfolding a Mystery: My Investigations into the Baris Question

    north of Minyas, also known as Minni or Mannae. But what is the object of that statement—the kingdom of Armenia (i.e., Urartu), or specifically the “great mountain”? Was Nicolaus saying it was the kingdom that was north of Minyas, or the mountain? I am...
  • Report on the 'International and Judi Mountain Symposium'

    two in Turkey, three in Iran, and one in Azerbaijan. The Iranian and Azerbaijani sites are far outside the land of Ararat / Urartu, and in the case of the Iranian sites, deep inside the land of Media. We can safely dismiss these mountains as the place...
  • Review of the 'Unsolved Mystery of Noah's Ark'

    clearly show that Mt. Suleiman, north of Tehran, was deep inside the land of Media and far outside the land of Ararat / Urartu where the Ark landed. The mapmaker was trying to convey that the Ark landed on a mountain near Ecbatana, but not, on Mount...
  • The Landing-Place of Noah's Ark: Testimonial, Geological and Historical Considerations: Part Four

    AD, bolstering their case for Mt. Cudi. The online Encyclopedia Iranica agrees with them: Ararat is the same word as Urartu, the ancient kingdom on one of whose mountains Noah's ark was said to come ashore (Gen. 8:4). It is the name given to the...
  • Has Anyone Discovered Noah's Ark?

    boat came to rest on 'the mountains of Ararat' (Genesis 8:4). 'Ararat' probably designated a region (the ancient kingdom of Urartu) and not a specific mountain peak. After Noah and his family left the Ark on the mountain, the boat virtually disappeared...
  • King Solomon in His Ancient Context

    closest parallel is given by Sargon II of Assyria in rehearsing the booty he took from the temple of Haldi, chief god of Urartu, in Musasir, near Lake Urmia, in 714 BC. His men removed six shields of gold which hung to right and left of his shrine,...
  • Cultural Change and the Confusion of Language in Ancient Sumer

    when all human life began to develop anew as descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japheth spread from the mountains of Ararat (Urartu of Assyrian records), we find a large number of Semitic and Hamitic names having connections with place names in Mesopotamia....
  • Noah's Ark Update

    that appear to point to it; nothing solid hasturned up on Mount Ararat; and it is within the Biblical area of Ararat/Urartu (although at the extreme southwestern limit). ABR staff member Gordon Franz and independent researcher Bill Crouse are among...
  • Gordon Franz returns from Mount Cudi Expedition

    and friend Bill Crouse to Mount Cudi, their candidate for the landing site of Noah's Ark in the region of ancient Urartu. A Turkish blog featured Gordon and Bill on their trip. Further updates will be posted to the ABR website in the near future....

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