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  • Digging for Truth-Episode 33: Keeping Your Kids on God's Side with Natasha Crain

    teaching apologetics to children in an age of rampant skepticism. An open dialogue with children about doubts, secular worldview claims, and criticisms of the Bible will help ground them in the Faith and help them navigate through a world of confusion...
  • Digging for Truth Now Airing on New TV Station

    interview leading archaeologists and scholars, discussing issues that defend the coherence and truth of the Christian worldview, as revealed in God’s Word. Each new episode is also available on WBPH-TV 60, out of Bethlehem, PA, and on ABR’s YouTube...
  • Digging For Truth: ABR’s Partnership with WBPH TV-60

    of the Bible.Second, we will engage in discussions that proclaim and defend the coherence and truth of the Christian worldview as it is found in the Old and New Testaments, the revelation of God. After many months...
  • Archaeology and the Bible

    Inscription mentioning Israel, the ABR Dig at Khirbet el-Maqatir, Child Sacrifice and Abortion, and the influence of worldview on interpreting evidence. Notes: 1. The drawing of the section of the Berlin Pedestal Relief that reads 'Israel'/'Ishrael' was...
  • A Fuzzy Theology of Beginnings: Book Review

    only one which faithfully represents an internally consistent, exegetically rigorous, and theologically viable Christian worldview. Many other alternatives to ABR’s understanding of cosmic origins and relevant biblical texts have been presented within...
  • Digging for Truth-Episode 20: Relating the Bible to Archaeology

    Smith in a round table discussion about the relationship between archaeology and the Bible. Topics of discussion include: worldview paradigms, a level playing field, and the Bible as an ancient text.
  • How Acts and Galatians Indicate the Date of the Crucifixion

    the testimony of historical records and archaeology; and the testimony of the Bible itself. Those immersed in a secular worldview can dismiss the marvels of nature as either an accident of random chance or perhaps due to the intervention of “aliens”...
  • Missions of the Mind: Christianity's Colossal Failure to Win on the Home Front

    of it all. What lay at the core Western Civilization's success? In a word, the Bible. It was the influence of the biblical worldview and biblical morality that had provided a framework for society to care for the sick, poor and needy (benevolence), to...
  • Is Biblical Archaeology a 'Farce'?

    in your life. Other articles that bear on the subjects raised in thiscorrespondence: Dr. Wood's Archaeology What is a Worldview? Of Facts and Faith Relearning Old Lessons: Archaeologists Fail to Use Sound Reasoning Let the Evidence Speak Does Biblical...
  • A New Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

    that this journal will move beyond many of the other OT publications that are deeply secular in their presuppositions and worldview.
  • From The Mailbox

    and consider seriously the possibility that God directed them to our website for the very purpose of having their false worldview shaken up. We sometimes feel burdened to respond in some manner. We recently received a comment from someone who took...
  • Rocking the Boat, Part Two: The Hydrological Model of the Flood

    with the concept of reality our culture has instilled in them. Living in a society that continually bombards them with a worldview which denies the existence of absolute Truth and objective moral standards, some have honest trouble giving unreserved...
  • Biblical Reflections on the Earthquake in Haiti

    earthquake, demonstrating that their philosophy is grossly in error. The evolutionist is borrowing from the Christian worldview and wrongly importing it into his philosophical framework. We here at ABR are also intensely bothered by the earthquake, and...
  • The Physical Resurrection a Historical Fact: Part Two

    that which can be demonstrated and written, but that which can be demonstrated and written within the post-Enlightenment worldview. This is what people have often had in mind when they have rejected “the historical Jesus” (which hereby, of course, comes...
  • Review of 'The Human Faces of God' by Thom Stark

    God. Basically, the opinions of his liberal friends take the place of God’s commands as the ultimate authority in Stark’s worldview. He says that he does not want a god that issues moral commands,[26] which of course leaves the word of man to be the...
  • Genocide in Canaan? Part II

    incompatible with the atheistic philosophy to which he holds. One of the most critically important aspects of asserting worldview truth claims is defending their own internal coherence, or 'circularity'. Bradley completely fails to do so, providing...
  • Thinking Clearly About the 'Jesus Family Tomb'

    overseeing existing academic projects, and creating written content. He also has an active ministry to people whose worldview is molded by occult, paranormal, and esoteric beliefs. Bibliography Evans, Craig A. 2006 Fabricating Jesus. Downers Grove, IL:...
  • Calling Science's Bluff: A Review of 'The Devil's Delusion' by David Berlinsky

    that we are merely a product ofrandom evolutionary process, Berlinsky asserts, 'requires a disciplined commitment' to a worldview that owes 'astonishingly little to the evidence.' Why then, he asks, does improbable theory become inviolate dogma? The...
  • Answering the Critics: Part One with Scott Lanser

    ABR Executive Director, Scott Lanser discusses some of the broader issues of worldview and postmodernism as it relates to the science of archaeology and the study of the Bible.
  • Atheist Christopher Hitchens Diagnosed with Cancer

    we admonish all followers of Christ who read this post to pray that the sovereign Spirit of God convict him that his worldview is entirely false, he has sinned against a just and holy God, and that he repent and receive Jesus Christ as God and Savior....

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