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  • The Discovery of the Sin Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

    1992: 561). In determining which archaeological site should be identified with which Biblical place name, we begin with Zoar. Because Lot fled to Zoar to escape the catastrophe (Gn 19:21–23), the town was spared from God's judgment. From later...
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  • Locating Sodom: A Critique of the Northern Proposal

    (64 km) southeast of Jerusalem. Tall el-Hammam, however, is 26 mi (42 km) east-northeast of Jerusalem. Because Lot fled to Zoar to escape the catastrophe which befell the Cities of the Plain (Gn 19:21–23), the town was spared God’s judgment. From...
  • The First Year of Herod the Great's Reign

    of the Law Note of Indebtedness from Nero’s Reign Destruction of Second Temple Land Contracts of Bar Kochba Tombstones from Zoar For each of these topics Pickle examines the data, contrasts how the Zuckermann and Wacholder approaches deal with it, and...
  • Tall el-Hammam 2008: A Personal Perspective

    as famous in Biblical history. There is another intriguing possibility. Since the Madaba Map mentions both the city of Zoar (Balak…Zoora) as well as Lot's cave ('the sanctuary of holy Lot'), it is not unreasonable to suggest the map would also represent...
  • Where is Mount Sinai in Arabia (Galatians 4:25)?

    Sea,” in which he mentions that the “length of this lake is five hundred and eighty furlongs, measured in a line reaching to Zoara in Arabia ” (Wars 4.482 [LCL 2:143], emphasis added). Zoara is the biblical Zoar and is located in the southeastern...

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