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Digging for Truth TV

Join co-hosts Henry Smith and Scott Lanser on our next episode of Digging for Truth as they discuss the birth narratives of Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.


Join us for Episode 36 of Digging for Truth, as Dr. Frank Turek of joins us to discuss defending the Christian Faith. Dr. Turek will be discussing his books, "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" and "Stealing from God." Topics include: Creation ex Nihilo, Miracles, and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


On Episode 35 of Digging for Truth, Dr. Frank Turek of joins us to discuss defending the Christian Faith. Dr. Turek will be discussing his book, "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist." Topics include: Truth, Post-Modernism, and the existence of God.


Christian mother and apologist Natasha Crain joins us to discuss the growing phenomenon of online shaming towards young Christians by militant atheists.


Author and mother of three children, Natasha Crain joins to discuss teaching apologetics to children in an age of rampant skepticism. An open dialogue with children about doubts, secular worldview claims, and criticisms of the Bible will help ground them in the Faith and help them navigate through a world of confusion without losing their trust in Christ.


Dr. Terry Mortenson joins us to talk about the first man in the Bible, Adam. Was Adam created exactly how the Bible describes? Was he "chosen" from a group of other humans? Did Adam evolve from an ape-like creature? Find out on this episode of Digging for Truth.



Dr. Terry Mortenson joins us as we discuss the Genesis creation account. Topics include: Six days, death before the Fall, the history of geology, and Noah's Flood.


Join hosts Scott Lanser and Henry Smith as they build on Mr. Smith's interview with Dr. Craig Evans of Houston Baptist University. Topics include: the longevity of the New Testament autographs, the matrix of evidence, and the significance of variants.



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