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For centuries, historians and archaeologists have tried to determine the correct location of Bethsaida, recorded in the New Testament. New excavations at El-Araj on the northeast shore of the Sea of Galilee and excavations at Et-Tell have created a debate about its correct location. Bryan Windle joins DFT to sift through the arguments as we attempt to answer the question: "Where is Biblical Bethsaida?"

Ted Wright of Epic Archaeology joins us again to talk about the reliability of the Bible and the archaeological record. Topics include: Epic Archaeology Museum Tours, Archaeology and Apologetics, the historical Exodus, the 3rd Commandment, Lachish, the Taylor Prism, and Hezekiah.

Ted Wright of Epic Archaeology joins us to talk about the need for archaeology in Christian apologetics, philosophical biases against the Bible, and the historical Sojourn and Exodus (part one).

Bryan Windle joins us to talk about the top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2019 related to the Bible. Topics include: the 7th century BC Adoniyahu bulla (royal steward), an ash layer and arrowhead pointing to the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem, evidence from El-Araj concerning Bethsaida, three alter horns from Shiloh, and the Nathan-Melech bulla. Part Two.

Bryan Windle joins us to discuss the top ten archaeological discoveries in 2019 related to the Bible. Part one includes a discussion of five discoveries: Rehoboam's Wall at Lachish, a possible location for Emmaus, Asheklon Skeletal DNA, a Moabite altar in Jordan, and a monumental staircase at Hazor.

The Director of the Shiloh Excavations, Dr. Scott Stripling, will join us for this latest episode of Digging for Truth. We'll be talking about the first three seasons of excavations at Shiloh (Part Two).

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Dr. Scott Stripling, the Director of the Shiloh Excavations, joins us to talk about the first three seasons at Shiloh (Part One).

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On this episode of Digging for Truth, co-hosts Henry Smith and Scott Lanser will be discussing the doctrine of Scripture. Topics will include: Inspiration and Preservation, and Jesus' views on Scripture (Part Two).

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