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Scott Lanser and Bryan Windle talk about Assyrian King Sennacherib, who laid siege to the cities of Judah and Lachish in ca. 701 BC. Don't miss it!


What are the Top Ten Archaeological discoveries from the Judges era? Tune in with Bryan Windle and Scott Lanser to find out!

Archaeologist Titus Kennedy joins us again to discuss his book, “Excavating the Evidence for Jesus.” Dr. Kennedy has investigated firsthand evidences related to Jesus’ birth, ministry, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection. Find out more about his book “Excavating the Evidence for Jesus” on this exciting episode of Digging for Truth!

Archaeologist Titus Kennedy joins us for a two-part episode to talk about, “Excavating the Evidence for Jesus.” This easy to read book documents a boatload of archaeological and historical evidence for the life of Jesus of Nazareth, the most important and impactful person in world history. Tune in and find out more about Dr. Kennedy’s new book!

Dr. John Meade joins us to talk about the Text and Canon Institute at Phoenix Seminary. Teaching and understanding the origin, transmission, and preservation of the 66 books of the Bible is a crucial part of the church’s mission.

Shiloh Square Supervisor Dr. Mark Hassler of Virginia Beach Theological Seminary joins us to talk about “Altars of Sacrifice.” Why does God require blood sacrifice for the remission of sins? Have sacrificial altars been found in the archaeological record? Did the ABR ministry find altars connected to the Tabernacle and sacrificial system at Shiloh? We hope you can join us while Dr. Hassler answers these questions and more!

Associates for Biblical Research Board Member Tommy Chamberlin joins us to talk about the importance of communicating discoveries from the world of biblical archaeology to the larger public through the medium of exhibits. Tune in and find out more about ABR’s World of Jesus, and Joshua, Judges, and Jesus exhibits.


Dr. Todd Wood will be our guest and will provide us with an update on the science of human origins. In particular, Dr. Wood and I will be exploring Homo Naledi, a unique kind of fossil found buried en masse within a deep cave in South Africa.

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