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Paleontologist Dr. Marcus Ross joins us to discuss now extinct sea creatures called Mosasaurs. When did God create these large beasts? Why are these sea creatures buried in rock layers on land, and what are the implications of the evidence? Dr. Ross answers these questions and more on our latest episode of Digging for Truth.

We’ll be completing our two part episode on Queen Esther in Susa with Dr. Todd Bolen. Located in modern day Iran, Susa has been excavated by archaeologists and the site has yielded evidence consistent with the biblical narrative. Please join us to find out more about Queen Esther in Susa and the broader Persian empire.

On today's episode of Digging for Truth, we’ll begin a two part episode with Dr. Todd Bolen on Queen Esther in Susa. Located in modern day Iran, Susa has been excavated by archaeologists and the site has yielded evidence consistent with the biblical narrative.

Bryan Windle joins us to count down the top ten archaeological discoveries related to Moses. Bryan will be telling us about inscriptions, Egyptian language, and even evidence for slaves making bricks in Egypt. Don’t miss the top ten Moses countdown on this new episode of Digging for Truth.

Pastor Bryan Windle joins us to continue our top ten archaeological discoveries series. He will be doing our annual countdown of the top ten discoveries from the year 2021. Despite many dig cancellations, 2021 still yielded a number of fascinating discoveries that illuminate the biblical background or even relate directly to the biblical text.  Don’t miss one of most popular themes: the top ten archaeological discoveries from the year 2021!


Archaeologist Dr. Scott Stripling joins us to discuss the Tabernacle of David and its journey from the Sinai Desert to the City of David in Jerusalem. Dr. Stripling will share the latest archaeological evidence pertaining to David’s Tabernacle recently uncovered in the City of David excavations, and a temple near the Gihon Spring.

Today, we continue our interview with Dr. Scott Stripling on the Amarna Letters. These communications between Canaan and Egypt in the 14th century BC are highly useful for understanding the background of the book of Joshua and early Judges. Dr. Stripling will propose a NEW translation from Amarna tablet 288, so you don’t want to miss this cutting edge episode of Digging for Truth!

When the Israelites began conquering the Promised Land around 1406 BC, the book of Joshua indicates Canaan was controlled by kings. In the 1880’s, an archive of tablets was discovered in Amarna, Egypt. What can these tablets tell us about the land of Canaan, and how do they relate to the biblical books of Joshua and early Judges? Archaeologist and Shiloh Excavation Director Dr. Scott Stripling joins us from The Bible Seminary to help us better understand the Amarna Letters.

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