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Today, we continue our interview with Dr. Scott Stripling on the Amarna Letters. These communications between Canaan and Egypt in the 14th century BC are highly useful for understanding the background of the book of Joshua and early Judges. Dr. Stripling will propose a NEW translation from Amarna tablet 288, so you don’t want to miss this cutting edge episode of Digging for Truth!

When the Israelites began conquering the Promised Land around 1406 BC, the book of Joshua indicates Canaan was controlled by kings. In the 1880’s, an archive of tablets was discovered in Amarna, Egypt. What can these tablets tell us about the land of Canaan, and how do they relate to the biblical books of Joshua and early Judges? Archaeologist and Shiloh Excavation Director Dr. Scott Stripling joins us from The Bible Seminary to help us better understand the Amarna Letters.

Biochemist Dr. Brian Thomas joins us to discuss intact proteins, hemoglobin, and DNA discovered in fossils from all around the world, including in Dinosaurs. How could these sensitive organic materials have survived for tens or hundreds of millions years? And what are the worldview implications if they are only thousands of years old? Find out on this exciting episode of Digging for Truth.



Hosts Scott Lanser and Henry Smith will be discussing Jesus’ view of the OT, with a special focus on the early chapters of Genesis. We’ll be dealing with the troubling tendency within the Church to separate Christ from Holy Scripture. Some Christians even claim Jesus was in error when he talked about certain OT texts. Want to know more about Jesus' views of Genesis? Tune in! (Part two of two).

Hosts Scott Lanser and Henry Smith will be discussing Jesus’ view of the OT. We’ll be dealing with the troubling tendency within the Church to separate the authority of Christ from the authority of Holy Scripture. How did Jesus view the nature and origin of Scripture? Please tune in and find out!

Bryan Windle joins us to talk about King Xerxes=Ahasuerus of the 5th century BC Persian empire. The history of  Xerxes fits extremely well with the book of Esther. Bryan will be talking about reliefs, inscriptions, the campaign of Xerxes against the Greeks, and other archaeological evidence. The palace described in Esther chapter one matches the archaeological evidence down to the minute details. Please join us!

Pastor Bryan Windle joins us to talk about Cyrus the Great. Cyrus is best known for his edict allowing Jewish exiles in Babylon return to Jerusalem. One hundred fifty years before this event took place, Isaiah prophesied both the decree and even the name of the future Persian King. Is there archaeological evidence confirming the history of King Cyrus and his edict recorded in the Bible? Find out!

Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus? Egyptologist and biblical scholar Dr. Douglas Petrovich joins us to talk about Amenhotep II. We’ll discuss his slave recovery campaign, Habiru, and the abandonment of Avaris. Is Amenhotep II the Pharaoh of the Exodus? Find out!

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